Thursday, January 07, 2010

GET RICH THE EASY WAY...yea rite...

Well was talking to my friend that day and we were basically talking and discussing on how some can be so damn freaking rich! so so damn freaking rich! how? then he told me an interesting formula... makes sense. All u need is hard work! real hard work! At first I think its bull! but after thinking awhile... it does make sense! I look at my uncle that opens a hawker stall at Alor Setar selling apam balik only. He can actually save his money and buy a house and a car!

So here goes... the get rich scheme! skim 'kurang cepat' jadi kaya! all you need is some time and lotsa walking around.

The formula is like that... so take 50sen (lets work on Ringgit Malaysia RM first) and buy a fairly good pen for that price. Then sell it for 1 Ringgit. Then with that 1 Ringgit you can now buy 2 pen. Then you go and sell then it goes on and on and on... for 20 cycles to reach the RM 1 million mark. The thing you have to think about it is that you have to sell 500,000 pens to reach that mark.

All you need is invest 50sen and buy a fairly good pen then sell to a person. Convince them then sell. 500,000 is not really that hard. For people its just small investment. RM1 for a good and nice pen. Anyone wouldn't mind!

All this is providing that you exclude food, transportation, entertainment and lodging la!

so... go buy urself one fairly or really good product and start selling! go go go! Just wondering when i should start wuahahahaha

"Wanna get rich or not? wanna get rich or not??!! wanna get rich then WORK la!!! hahaha think money fall from the sky ar?!"

"sikit, sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit" (A little a day, slowly one day it will be a hill)


KimberlyMay said...

hard work.... the only right way to be rich...

junsern said...

yup... all about hard work and perfect timing! hehe

Alpha Ace said...

RESPECT lah~!!!

sure, the correct way is to sell your product diligently, consistently and with quality.

NOT like those MLM S holes who swindle people with sweet talk, false promise and unrealistic goal.

They will show big cars .. but in actual my friend did said, it was a marketing strategy. Company subsidize them as long as their sales are hit and the installment for the car is 18years !!! ....shhhh becareful Lamp Berger ..the most vicious of all..

Anonymous said...

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