Monday, March 15, 2010


Been looking around and still cant find out who is the boss!!! well then! this episode is where they ponder and figure out who is capable of being a boss... or so they think!

Well you might me thinking what I am blabbering about here so let me introduce to you first about This Town... I've told about it before in my previous article. If you guys haven't heard about it then you can read it here. Ok So basically its a Flash Cartoon about the Cru Cru Crew and on about how they run their hotel, The Bastion. Ingenious plan or madman's folly - only time will tell...

Well as they put it...follow the trials and tribulations of this notorious band of bedlamites and psychosocialists as they wreak havoc through the streets of... THIS TOWN.

So back to what I was saying, they have already released their 3rd episode and I am sure they have improved since their 1st episode. The animation has been upped, the voice acting has been improved and the flow of the story is getting crazier and crazier. But behold of the language. Abit on the new age side. Not suitable for ppl too young and erm... people too old. But if you are up for it, then please by all means watch it! hilarious!

Up and coming cartoon? I would say most probably!

You all can watch it either in youtube, metacafe for fast streaming or to watch it in high quality you guys can watch it at their website or at this flash cartoon site

To keep yourself updated they also have their facebook fan page at the right side of my page! hehe. So click to get updated!

So now I am gonna leave you all with the Cru Cru Crew of This Town... for now... enjoy ...

Episode 1 - New Management

Episode 2 - Polar Bear Express

Episode 3 - So Who's Gonna Be the Boss


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