Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dry Run

I have hit my dry patch! I have so many things to write but I just cant seem to dig out anything to write at the moment! I was planning to write about this issue where "How come most chinese girl got a flat or droopy ass.." but I just couldnt get enough material to write. Then I was thinking to write about how crappy my life is but again, I made a promise to my babe not to be cranky and grumpy. So how la? Wut the heck ya! its me anyway!

So lets start!

So... I've been working and working and working... and working with my day job and night job and finally last month my body shouted to me 'STOP"!!! Suddenly I got short of breath! then my heart started to beat so rapidly like when you see a really really really hot girl in a nice lacey lingerie appear infront of you... (oops!) So lets see, I got home at 1am, was struggling to breath then I called my sister to send me to the hospital. I swear at that very moment I thought this is the end of me! went into the emergency ward then was treated by the nurses and doctor. Checked my pulse, BP and my sugar level (normal stuff). I asked the doc, what is wrong wit me? heart attack? asthma? high blood pressure? I was stress about stress, if you get what i mean! Then the doc told me that its just anxiety attack. Cant blame! I got exam the next day and I havent finish studying! still recuperating from my dad's passing and then I was also pushing on my night job. Yea I am coming out of the closet....

I am..


cartoonist! Been doing some animation with my friends for the past half year! Yea I am admitting it now! This Town is me and my friends baby! haha what you think la?

So back to the story, the doc told me to take a gooooooood rest which I know I never did for a very very long time! This explains why I didn't post any blogs too. No mood to write and no mood to think! and NO TIME! alot of people ask me to make time! organise! time management! bla bla bla yada yada yada! You know what I really want to say to them? FUCK YOU! You do not know what I am doing and going through! so FUCK OFF and keep quiet! noisy like chicken only...

Some thinks that they have the ultimate solution! the one and only way! U MUST THIS U MUST THAT! aihs... bollocks! When I need help I will ask! If not.... then shut your pie hole la... like my colleague say... if cannot help then dont trouble ppl!

Ok so since that incident I've been eating really healthy! and guess what?! I've lost weight! wuahahaha... so by proper dieting and strong will power you can lose it! But the thing is its really a pain when you see people eat the food you used to be able to eat! really hard! once is ok! but almost every week! wua jia lat oh!

So this is why I didnt blogged for such a long time... recuperating... re thinking... reformat... reloaded!

lets hope this dry run is over! cheerios!!!


Kelvin said...

This town is a creation of urs?

junsern said...

yeah... its been a passion since i was a kid to create a cartoon... so sat down with a few friends of mine... and did this! So do give some support bro! we need all the support that we can get!

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