Monday, April 26, 2010


HOLY SCHMIKES! HOLY SCHMIKES! Its the Great Dane! Arguably the best goal keeper of his generation! and I manage to get him to sign my ball! football la... I just couldn't believe that I manage to meet my footballing idol! When I was younger I knew I have a certain skill in football where it involves a leg of stool or better known as "Kaki Bangku". I can kick the ball but just cant seem to get it to the right direction.

I love football love it ever since I can remember but I just cant seem to play it! I was more of a Basketball guy. The only way I can play football is to use something I am good at which is my basketball skills which is jumping and catching! It was since then I really really appreciate goal keeping! I always thought goal keepers are not important compared to the more glamorous play maker or the striker! but as I slowly learn about the game and notice the brilliance of Schmikes during his heydays with United, then I realised that a goalkeeper plays a really really important role in helping the team to win! Why? Not only is his role to stop the ball from going in the goal but since he is the one furthest behind he is the one that is able to see the whole pitch! and if he is a vocal guy, he is basically the commander of defense! like a conductor of an orchestra!

He is called the great Dane because for one he is Danish and second is he is 6'4". One of his most memorable save was the point blank save from Ivan Zamorano of Inter Milan in the Champions League quarter final. Unbelievable! since I took the role as a goalkeeper, I have been worshipping him! The amount of unbelievable saves! I for one think he is the best keeper ever lived... He is none other than the great Peter Schmeichel!

just a compilation of video of his saves... check it out

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