Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Bounty Hunter

Just watched Bounty Hunter last nite @ e Curve! Manage to rush myself home and take a quick shower change then rush off to the Curve! Thank god the traffic was really smooth! Dish and Dash took me only 1 hour!! Met Shereen at Sakae Sushi and managed to hentam a few dish before we ajourned to Funky Village to meet the other fellow Adverlets bloggers to get our tickets.

Well this show talks about Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler) a bounty hunter and an ex-cop that was fired from the force not so long ago and Nicole Hurley (Jennifer Aniston) a reporter and ex wife of Milo.

Well the story starts off with Milo driving along the free way and suddenly his car started to smoke really bad! He then stopped and open the boot and Nicole jumps out with a flare and punches Milo on the crotch! then she runs. Then the story flashes back 24 hrs before on what actually happened.

Nicole basically is covering a really hot story about a murder cover up case. At the same time she was suppose to attend a court hearing for as she claimed "accidentally assaulting a police officer". Basically when she was at the front of the court, she got a call from one of her lead which is a bar tender. Basically she asked him to ask around about the murder case "suspects". He managed to get some info but he told her that she will have to meet him now and bring along 500 bucks or else he will sell the story to someone else. She then later told her lawyer that she will be right with him but she ran off and meet the bartender. Upon reaching the venue she saw a truck sped off from the parking space that she suppose to meet this fella.

At the court the lawyer basically try to drag the time but the judge decided to put a bounty on her for skipping bail. The story then zoom to Milo who is basically a broke down to luck ex cop turned bounty hunter. His boss offered him his next assignment and when he saw that the next person is his ex wife. He greeted with so much ethusiasm coz for him its basically his dream job as he assumes that this will be a walk in a park job and his way to a easy payday.

He manages to track her down and catch her which then leads to the event at the beginning of the show. She constantly tries to escape from him to further investigate her murder case and he constantly manage to catch her. As the chase around was going on Nicole uncover more and more information about the murder case. As the tag and chase goes on instead of chasing each other they are now basically running for their lives from this mysterious man named Earl Mahler (Peter Greene) that is trying to kill them.

Along the whole journey there are the side shows such as the so called "Ang Moh Ah Long" chasing Milo as his gambling debt is up to 11 thousand bucks! and also a lame freak show, stalker and the really really really irritating colleague of Nicole, named Steward. He basically made out with Nicole once as they were so drunk and he thinks that they somehow have a thing going on. He is so painful to watch. If I were his friend I would jab him with a pencil into his throat and throw him down a 8 story building so that he wont die and live in agonising pain!

The murder case then started to uncover that cops are actually involved in it and... as expected it definitely has something to do with the couple. The person that is involved is their friend and also the person that got them together, Bobby Jenkins (Dorian Missick) a cop. Basically the murder case report is written by this cop. So now its a merry go round as Milo still wants to get his bounty by throwing Nicole to jail but at the same time he is protecting her and helping her escape from Earl.

Ending is predictable. Wont tell it here though! hehe

OK the best part of this article! my review! I have to say this show is lets just say flat. One or two good jokes but overall, I have to say there was nothing much. The flow of the show is kinda all over the place and never really took off. It didnt really connect. The story is so random and there is no strong script. Somehow I just cant find that chemistry among the actors. Jen and Gerard didnt really took off. I am really disappointed as I kinda like Hitch and expecting something more from this as they have the same director. The characters are irritating to watch especially the side show fellas!

Gerard Butler should stop acting in this kind of so called Acromcom! (Ac-tion, Rom-antic, Com-edy). He's been in this kind of so called anti hero role of an cool skillful obnoxious dude! Kinda spoil his image of the King of Sparta or the cool thief in Rock n Rolla!! In this show he is just not cool and somehow irritating watching him. He was much better in The Ugly Truth as that one he have somewhat more jizz than this one.

Jennifer Aniston is trying very hard to get out of her "Rachel in Friends" image by taking a more gutsy and so called "strong" character role. For me i think she failed miserably. She is good in playing Rachel type character and people just didnt connect with her new style. Starting to show lines of age also... She looks old and I think its time for her to really consider what type of role she needs.

Aiyak, most of my pics is with Shereen. Will load it once i manage to salvage it! eheh

Anyway my verdict? 5/10

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Kelvin said...

Its quite a entertaining movie, but its not really worth the money to watch in cinemas~

junsern said...

yup... not worth

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