Tuesday, May 18, 2010

State of Joyfulness

Been reading one of this scroll I have at home. Bought by my father as he said this values are very very close to what his are. The meanings are good and simple and I do not know whether I posted this before or not but I guess why not eh?

The world has been down to shits lately. Just look around us and there is sure a conflict. I think I myself have lost touch with this and now I guess I need to get back on track! This values if followed, for sure will make the people better..

1. Instead of being fault-finding, be grateful/ thankful

2. Instead of being grudging/ jealous, be appreciative

3. Instead of being calculative, be forgiving

4. Instead of being selfish, be generous

5. Instead of being self-defeating, be proactive

6. Instead of being critical, admire and appreciate

7. Instead of being impulsive, be patient

8. Instead of procrastinating, be optimistic

Simple yet hard...

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