Thursday, June 17, 2010


The time is here! suppose to update my blog last week but was bogged down with so many things! First of all, the world cup and then went for a movie marathon, then more World Cup. This World Cup is a funny one so far! first of all there was something buzzing about this World Cup. The constant buzz was ok at first then it started to get irritating! This buzzing was the freaking Vuvuzela!

What is Vuvuzela? Is a blowing horn that is usually used by South African locals during football matches! It is suppose to represent a bunch of stampeding elephants! But it is more like an invasion of killer bees! haha.

Besides that the commentator on Astro during the match is freaking irritating! Why? coz every time before he speaks he takes a deep breath making the "whsssssssssssst...." sound before he speaks! Its as if he is having flu or a hole in his throat!

Other than that the first round of World Cup was filled with shocks and boredom! So many draws and so many 1-0 scoreline! Well second round just started today! and the South American teams are starting to showing what they are made off! First was Uruguay then right now the Argies! (yea, watching football and writing blog!) Lets hope the football kicks off now! woohoo!

As I was saying, besides the World Cup I went for a movie marathon during the weekend!

First off was A-Team! I have to say... WOW! The storyline was ok but it was fun and action packed! Not as bad as the review says! In fact, the show is good! They have killer punchlines, good action scenes and funny jokes! Brings back alot of memories from their old counterpart! The stunts are interesting. The action scenes are really explosive And Jessica Biel is... hh-hh-hot!

Then up next was The Karate Kid. Good acting from Jaden Smith. The chemistry between Jaden and Jackie is not bad. Although I think the chemistry between Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita was stronger. But there was a funny tone to the new one. Kudos to Jaden Smith, I could see he really put in effort in training himself! Its a fun movie, they basically use the same storyline structure from the 1984 version but they added a dash of comedy and real hardcore stunts and i mean hardcore! Seeing how Jaden was whacked gives me the chills! Worth watching!

here are the Trailers to share with you all...

A Team

The Karate Kid

Official World Cup 2010 song!

and last but not least... something to laugh at! haha


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Isley Chang~ said...

haha. i like the jacky chan video. amazing to those manage to cut and paste it.

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