Thursday, July 29, 2010


Was wanting to write about this article for a really really really really long time. I guess now I have enough juice to squeeze! first of all sorry for the long absence! bz with work. And I can see that my esteemed guest writer has made himself feel comfortable.

Ok, I found out that there are alot of fucking retarded drivers in KL. No offense to those "special" kids or people but most KL drivers are mentally retarded! I wanted to use the word idiotic but idiot can learn and improve, same goes with stupid! But retarded is beyond help. Permanent damage.

Why I say this? Ok lets give you the scenario and the reason why...

1. Hazard lights during heavy rain! if you are really that fucking stupid hazard lights is that two orange lights you on by pressing that button with red triangle on it and let you have that two green indication on your speedometer. Why you should not on during heavy rain? yes it creates the bright sensation to warn people that you are there... correct? correct eh? correct.... IF YOU ARE STOPPED AT THE ROAD SIDE! eg; car broken down/ tyre punctured or cant see the road. This will cause confusion for those who KNOWS what is it for. Suddenly we see hazard lights but its moving... the only time you use the hazard lights while you are moving is when you ARE IN A FUCKING EMERGENCY or you are some big shot?! What you should do when it rains too heavily? ON YOUR LIGHTS LA! so hard ar?

Talking about switching on the lights it takes me to no 2.

2. There are alot of "HEROES" that thinks that they are driving a glow in the dark car. There was once a friend of mine ask me, "how come you on your lights in the car park?" I told them "Well, its because it DARK! how people know I am coming? carpark is one of the place that an accident can happen" Understand the mechanics of this? One more thing is, like I said in no.1 is that those that dont switch on their lights during heavy downpour. Save electricity is it? They drive at the certain speed that you cant see them coz the water droplets have assemble at my little side mirror causing the driver to have almost no vision. That is where the car lights comes in! the lights is not for you to see better but for OTHERS TO SEE YOU BETTER!

3. This is linked to no.2. Switching lights in the tunnel. Why do they ask us to switch on our lights when we are in the tunnel? why? why? wwwhhhyy? Well you know that sometimes shieat happens rite? tunnel lights go off and shit. Well its no big deal rite? just like at home rite? when its dark and we want to see things only we switch on the lights rite? correct....... but what if you are driving way above the speed limit allocated and suddenly the lights goes off? do you remember the tunnel like the back of your hand? no! can you see is there a car in front of you? no! oh yea... thats why you NEED TO SWITCH ON THE LIGHTS IN TUNNELS!!!! fucking moron!

4. I realise when you drive in a traffic jam people are the meanest! and alot of GENIUS HEROES appears. They will be crawling at a certain speed and when you switch on the indicator to cut in their lane... they.......... GO FASTER! is like as if one car is going make a difference! or when you want to cut across the junction. They see you but they just go across and stop in front of the junction! and stare at you.... i just stare at them and give them the middle finger to the head pose! You know that you cant go any further, just let me cut across la! I am not taking your space! Some geniuses are even better, so impatient are they, they will use the opposite lane just to cut...... 2 cars! wow wee.! big improvement! but in return they cause an even worse jam as the opposite lane cant go thus causing the cars at the back to block our lane causing a massive jam that could have been avoided! GENIUS! who said Malaysian got no genius? we got plenty of them! JUST LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE! Will your move improve the situation for you or others? no!
5. Those that turn out to the junction. You can see that the car is going at a certain speed. Yea we are ready to let you out but when they come out, they warp at snail speed! causing a sudden brake from me, the cars behind and the cars behind them! causing further....... jam...

6. Those that does wrong and yet still horn you for doing the right thing. refering to no.4 You switch on your indicator for ages and when you see an opening you try to cut in, but the car behind speeds up and horn you! RETARDED and "VERY GENEROUS" want to win is it? go ahead la!

7. Then there are those housing area Kimi Raikkonen, Michael Schumacher or Alonso. Speeding like there is a race going on at a narrow housing estate roads. And when you drive your car out of the house you look to your left and right and see there is no car... then you start to reverse your car, next thing you know is a car suddenly pops up at a amazing speed then they jam brake then horn you as if you are in the wrong! TIU NIA MAH! fucking retards! You know its a housing estate so there are bound to have cars or people coming out. Worse of all what if a kid darts out? Need i say more?

8. Parking, how on earth some idiots park their car? some just dont give a shit or two! Some park their car halfway in! some park so near to your car that you cant open your door. Some just take up two space and some just park anywhere as if the road is theirs! all we ask is to be considerate abit! it is not that you dont care... it will affect you too. Like when suddenly you got a damn cool Nike sign at the side of your car starting from the front to the back. Or suddenly you got polka dot sun roof or your windscreen on your seats. Shit happens... rite? you ass park then you get ass whacked lo.

I for now I shall stop. More to come!!! after reading this... you make your own conclusion... are you one of them? or are you gonna be a more better driver like how you pledge in front of your driving examiner that you will be a "Pemandu Berhemah"?

cheers for now


Isley Chang~ said...

I'm not. i face the same problem too. especially the taxi driver. they drive as their father own the road.

Sani said...

dude, we share the same views and problems. I swear 90% of the when i'm on the road because of the fucktards who call themselves drivers.

It kinda makes you think about what kind of culture we live in. Is this a glimpse of what "Malaysian Culture" is all about? Is this the "1Malaysia" bullcrap we're so proud of?

Fuck that. Fuck the incompetents. Everytime I see one of thoe r-tards driving like dicks, I swear and hope they crash into each other. They deserve it, not the victims of their mishaps.

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