Sunday, July 11, 2010


Weather has been bad here in Kuching. Been raining daily. Sounds bad? not at the Rainforest World Music Fest! Been here since Thursday with Shereen Dulau and the fun didnt stop!

MUD! Rain! and getting down and dirty is the way to paaaaaarty here in Santubong Kuching! I have to say so far this is the most happening party I've been! FORGET WEST MALAYSIA's party scene! this one is totally different! The diverse crowd and the performance is just so wild! and there isnt much restriction compared to the Peninsula. Ppl just walk around in bikini, or guys shirtless and really muddy feet and clothes! this is out of this world! and the best part, its held next to the rain forest! fantastic! awesome!

The internet line here is really bad so could not upload any photos yet. But will do it once I am back in KL.

Well today is the last day of this Festival and I am now looking outside and I see dark skies... GREAT!

Will update more soon! ta ta! I am off to get myself dirty again!

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