Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An Expendable Story...

I gotta relate this story to all who would listen. I was watching the Expendables with friends. During the opening credits, I chuckled when I saw "a Sylvester Stallone film" as it could only mean a disaster (hey, we all saw Driven didn't we?). Then came written by Stallone, produced by Stallone and finally directed by Stallone. Which led my friend M2k to say, hey the music was by Stallone. I chuckled once again. Only this time, it was violent and uncontrollable. I laughed for a good three minutes and it was disturbing my friend A-Mat, as my laughter was disrupting his concentration and not allowing him to enjoy key plot points which I was clearing missing due to my outburst. So he told me to shut the fuck up. Which leads me to say this: A-Mat was missing key-plot points of a movie that was directed by Sylvester Sallone and was of the genre action/adventure, a movie also written by the aforementioned Rambo (known for his leave your brains at the door writing, he ain't no Tarantino, that's for sure.). If you do not laugh at the what was written in the previous sentence, please read it a couple of times more until you get it. Or visit a samurai who specializes is hara-kiri. Either way, the outcome should be interesting. Big ups to M2k for stating the joke of the day. heheheehe. rhasta out.

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