Monday, August 23, 2010


Been so tangled up with stuff lately that everyone basically watched all the latest movie without me. Shereen Dulau went to previews with Advertlets, Rhasta Synn went with his cousins and me left watching my work and traffic jams all day.

So one fine day I got fed up of the jam going to and back from work and i took the liberty to switch on my lap top in my car and switch on movies that I have not watched yet instead of looking in amazement at the fella in the car next to mine busy digging his nose in the stalled traffic.

So I manage to watch a few movies and series over the past few months in my car while stuck in the jam. So let me write some review about the movies that I saw... hehehe

Of course let me start off with the best. Everytime I keep hearing people kept on saying that the Goodfellas was "one of its best" or "You haven't watched it yet?" . Got kinda annoyed at people saying that to me and of course to fulfil my never ending curiosity I took the initiative to copy it from a friend and watch it.

This movie was directed by Martin Scorsese, if you dont know who is he you should knock your head with a sledge hammer covered in finely smashed glass. Ok, this movie stars one of my favourite actor Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci. If you dont know who they are then you ought to, as the saying in Godfather "should sleep with the fishes". Yea basically this show came out 20 years ago and now I only finally saw it!

This movie is basically based on a real story about the life of 3 mafia from the 50s to the 80s. The story circles around Henry Hill a Irish-Italian that started off at the lowest ranking job all the way to the right hand man of the Don. This movie basically display lots of realism as it was based on a non fiction novel on the real Henry Hill. All of the actors did their research about the real person and to the extend talked to the real person itself to get deeper info.

I have to say this movie somehow makes you wanna talk with the Brooklyn Accent. Talk with a little Italian slang like "Ferget aboutit! " ... "wutcha luukin at"... "get outtah heere". Did you know that in this movie the word "Fuck" was used almost 300 times! There was lots of intense moments and most mafia actually say it follows very closely to what they do daily!
This is once clip you all should see... freaking intense

I think i should learn how to corner people like this... sorry yea video abit crappy... the good ones I cant post here!

Well the next movie was basically De Niro's movie after Goodfellas. He wanted to get out of the Mafia stereotype so he basically took up this movie and I have to say its quite a good movie. Definitely beat Gerard Butler's Bounty Hunter by a hundred times.
This movie is called Midnight Run. Yea this movie came out almost 20 years ago also and now only finally watch it!

This movie is about a bounty hunter called Jack Walsh played by De Niro, trying to catch this accountant that embezzled millions of dollar from a mob. Basically Walsh was hired by the Bail Bondsmen of the accountant. This is because the accountant didnt pay him back after being bailed.

It was suppose to be a simple task as the target was just an accountant. But things got out of control as the mob also started to track him down. Walsh instead have to help the accountant to escape as Walsh wants to get his bounty.

Basically its one of De Niro's funniest movie! I think you should watch it!

Check out the video!

Ok finally, one more... 3rd Rock from the Sun. An old sitcom that ran from 1996 to 2001. One of my favourite sitcoms and it never fail to make me laugh like a freaking maniac! Its just so hilarious! Well basically this was making me laugh all the way to work and home!

Well basically this sitcom is about a group of aliens coming to Earth to research on human and their behavior! here is just one scene from one of their episode...

I know this sounds weird but what do you expect me to do in the car when my beloved radio has KOed on me! this is my only source of entertainment! and also a good way to catch up with movies that i have not watched!

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