Tuesday, August 31, 2010


What do we know about being a Malaysian? What do we know about Hari Merdeka? What is the true meaning of it?

When I was young I was like any other naive kid thinking that Merdeka is just a holiday, a day where we hang up the Jalur Gemilang, wake up early in the morning and watch the parade/ marching of different Government agencies on TV. I also remember my family will always trying to watch out for different things, my dad will always try to see which minister is falling asleep, my mom will always lookout on the funny or more like freakshow costume design and my sis will always lookout for the brass band. Why? cos Assunta and Taman Petaling bands always involve in it. For me? I was just enjoying the whole thing. After the whole thing, we will then go have our breakfast and chill out the rest of the day.

That was until I reach the age of reason. I am not blowing my horn about how patriotic I am but I am just really annoyed on how come some people complains so much on almost everything about the country but never once I see them put in the effort to do some changes. And NO! Twitter or Facebook status doesnt count!

Then again some claim that they are patriotic by decorating their cars or house with flags and banners. But patriotism is not about the outside but more on the inside in each Malaysian. No point shouting and waving the flag when we dont even know the whole meaning of Merdeka or being a Malaysian.

My ideology of being a true Malaysian is when you learn and respect each other. Not only Malaysians but all human beings. Why? We as in people of all races and religion, have lived in harmony way back before our independence day. Everyone played their part in making and lifting our country to where it is. No one is superior than anyone else but its more or less a shared responsibility among the citizens.

I would not say putting aside differences will make it better. Why? because our differences is crucial to make things happen. It is our differences that made the difference! It is our difference that makes us stronger. So instead of condemning or criticize others, we should learn, respect and understand each others differences.

In my generation, we are almost in fusion. Why I say so? We dont really emphasize about race difference, religion difference and the cultural difference anymore. Coz the new generation basically have more things in common compared to the generations before. Therefore the gap has been brought closer. We enjoy our wonderful blend of food. Sometimes the food has been fused so much that you cant even tell is it a pure Chinese, Indian or Malay dish anymore. But more like Malaysian dish, and we love it. How come? Why? its because we are Malaysian. Not only have our culture became in fusion but our mind and soul. We are reaching equilibrium.

I knew a few friends that went overseas to study and most of them, and I really mean MOST of them miss our country so much. Some miss the food, some the company of their friends, some miss the lifestyle, some just miss the country. It is because in our country we are, like I said above, fused together. There is no more pure Chinese, Indian, Malay, Kadazan, Iban, Punjabi or Portugese anymore. I can be 100% sure that I am not fully Chinese anymore. I cant speak Mandarin well, in fact I speak better Bahasa than Mandarin, I dont practice the culture 100%, and my fav food is not even Chinese food. This is what I call the Malaysian effect. My family is so called Chinese, my girlfriend is Kadazan, my best friends are so called Indian and in my work place, most of my colleagues are so called Malay, I love Arabian food and I studied in a Catholic school. Not Malaysian enough?

I am pretty sure all those born here will find it difficult to move back to the "supposedly" Motherland. I am sure I wont be able to live in China. I am pretty sure my Indian friends wont be able to live in India and so on... this is because we are Malaysianized. This because we are Malaysians, we are born and bred here. I remember my cousin once told me, "Chinese are from?... China rite? Indian are from? India rite? you dont see a Taiwanese saying they are Chinese. You dont see Sri Lankan calling themselves Indian rite? Then why should we be called Chinese then? Since we are born and bred in Malaysia, aren't we Malaysian" It was a totally awesome quote! It actually hit the right chord! I have to say it was almost perfect!

Then again there are always one or two people that loves wrecking this up. Making sure the great divide is still there. They are the fence keeper or fence setter. This flers still have that stupid old skool mentality that each race should be divided as each race. In conjunction to a united country where we celebrate our diverse cultures, this flers should be taken to the KLCC skybridge and hanged not on the neck but the balls for trying to divide somethings that our forefathers fought and painstakingly put together for so long ! SO STOP WRECKING OUR BELOVED COUNTRY!

This country is made by the people and its definitely for the people!

Today is our country's independence day. We should celebrate it not only because we are free from colonial ruling, or because we are "patriotic" but by celebrating the unity of our diversed culture, celebrate what our forefathers fought for and to celebrate our freedom as ONE RACE, ONE VOICE... as a MALAYSIAN!


"We must be the change we want to see..." -Mahatma Ghandhi-

"Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all other countries because you were born in it" -George Bernard Shaw-


tunteja said...

happy merdeka buddy!

Garfield said...

it is really sad to see that a lot of people are still racist today.
and worse, racism had become far more worse nowadays.
about 15 years back, racial issues is not serious compare to now
it is even more sad when there is certain group of people, are using racial issue for their evil agenda.
and that it is even much more sad that some people do fall into these evil group of people evil agenda easily....

to me, we got only 1 bangsa, Bangsa Malaysia.
this is what I answered my teacher when I was in school.

koRnholio said...

then i am proud to have known another person that thinks like this!

lets continue to spread this idealogy

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