Monday, September 13, 2010

"F**K!" IS THE NEW "SHIT". Welcome to lyrical freedom

In recent times I was constantly complaining that there are very few good songs anymore. But I guess I have to take that back! in recent times there are a few creative songs created and how much we have to love musical fusion, remixes (the good ones) and limitless boundary on lyrical sense! so I am dedicating this blog to a new breed of songs which nicely integrated the word "FUCK" into their title and lyrics

This is by Cee Lo Green Titled "FUCK YOU"

Then non other than the beautiful Lily Allen's version of "Fuck You"

then who can forget the famous Eamon's "Fuck It"

Then a reply to this song by Frankee "F.U.R.B!"

Who would forget Dope's very simple lyrics consisting of repetitive words like "Die Mother Fucker Die" throughout the whole song!

Slipknot's surfacing falls to that category too~!

and the grand daddy of all, Limp Bizkit's "Hot Dog Song"

And if you peeps that listen to Lite Fm often, you would heard this old song... "Living Next door to Alice" . Well, sorry to disappoint you but what you heard is the radio edited version! and guess where I heard the ori version of this song from? my dad! haha that was the first time i learn to use the word ''FUCK". Thanks Papa!

I have to say its musical freedom at full height! So lets listen and enjoy this "Fucking" good lyrical freedom that I am sure we cant hear in our beloved nation...

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