Monday, September 20, 2010

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole Movie Screening by Advertlets & Warner Bros.

Went through a motivational training few months back with all the sales dept of my company and I have to say its was great. Went thru alot of funky games and team events which really really helped us open our eyes to countless possibilities. But one thing that is really interesting is this personality test I took. Basically it was split into several columns A, B, C and D. Each column its filled with many distinctive characteristics for us to tick. After finish ticking we are told to total up at the end of each column.

So after all the ticking and laughing, all of us are given another piece of paper. On the paper there are 4 different types of bird. Column A which is represented by Pigeons, Column B which is represented by the Eagle, Column C the PERFECT aka Melancholics where its represented by the OWL and Column D by the Swan.

My results came out and I am an OWL person. Then I was thinking... am I? a Melancholics? was kinda surprised coz we were told to move into groups of the results. It felt really weird coz I was sitting with all the bosses! and I look across the hall and instantly I can recognise which group are which. The ones with the most noise were the pigeons and the quiet and cool looking are the eagles and the obedient and "good guy" looking ones are the Swans. The results were very very accurate!

Well was planning to put in all the birds but I guess I rather put in my own one hehe. the OWL. Basically in the past we see owls as a wise being. Constantly watching and constantly thinking. In this training it is stated that the owls are schedule oriented, conscious to details, organised and persistent when comes to work. When comes to friends they seek the ideal mate, cautious when meeting anyone, they are faithful and devoted and loves to solve problems. Then I thought, its true, 90% hits the mark! maybe only for the organised part... hehe. It is stated that OWLS are best in attenting to details and are deep thinkers. They are also good in keeping records and data and of course good in analyzing problems.

They are also very logical in thoughts, cant stop halfway when doing anything, considerate of others, sensitive, need things in proper order, loves arts and music, well behaved and an idealistic person which visualizes things in their perfect form.

Cool eh?

Not yet! Recently I promise someone that I will write something about owls and I dont wanna write about what kind of owl and stuff so... i wrote about my this training and as you know that as an owl person we need to finish what we started, so.. i am finishing this article after such a long and busy week settling my sis's wedding!

Its a movie about OWLS and when I saw the trailer for this movie and I was amazed by the graphics... best of all its Directed by "THIS IS SPARTA!!!"'s 300's Zack Snyder. So I am hoping there will be some Phalanx Owls or some Owls kicking another Owls into the tree bark!! hehe. Okok getting carried away, this movie is about a group of mythical owls which is known as the Guardians of this placed called Ga'Hoole. The main base of the story is about two young owls stumble upon two evil owls planning to lead an army of Pure Ones to fight against the Guardians due to their belief of Barn Owls being the purest of all owl races. Interesting? of course! who doesnt love OWLS in armour fighting 300 style!!! whhoot whhoot... anyway have to thank advertlets for offering me an opportunity to watch my own kind! wuahahaha

For more info or further movies look into their website for posts like this >>> here <<<

Stay tune, for I shall talk more about this show soon...

ps: if you wan to try the personality test you can look up for the form here and results in 2 pages at here and here. Personality test is done by RAJ of Business Edge Sales Training Centre. One of the best trainer I had coz was basically laughing all 3 days of his training. Never once was sleepy!

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