Friday, October 08, 2010


Junsern hit a nerve with his post on elevators. The one floor thing... My God... I actually feel like killing these people dead. One floor! You dick! WALK!!!! And it gets worse... If you are taking the elevator ONE FLOOR DOWN!!! What are you... Stupid, Simple or Just Plain Retarded? You know what I do, if I am alone in the elevator and I see someone rushing towards me, I do the constantine thing... i press and hold the close button. Cuz the last thing i need is to have waited 20 seconds in the elevator only to open the door again and have some simple minded motherfucker take the damn lift one floor up. Next time you're in an elevator with some assholes... fart. Just fart. They gave you shit, now you give it back to them. They'll be forced to smell your hatred and contempt for them in weaponized aerosol form. There is a song by Kid Rock for all these people - Fist Of Rage. Being beaten in an enclosed space. I also hate fucking parents who let their retarded troglodyte hellspawn touch every button in the lift and when you enter you got to sit through the door opening on every floor. If that's done to you, just take the stairs and don't sit inside like a fucking retard with the doors opening on each floor and you looking like a stuffed animal on display to every single person that looks at you. Like Shaggy said Mr. Bombastic, Really Gonna Spastic, Touch Me on The Butt cuz It's Romantic, My **** is made of plastic, touch me on the butt and i'll go ro-ro-ro-mantic.

ps - I just got a text asking if makhluk ghaib exist... Yeah. Look for these assholes in the elevator.

Rhasta Signing Off!

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