Friday, October 15, 2010

THE OTHER GUYS movie review

OK here is the review for The Other Guys as promised from my previous article where you can read here <<. I have to say the movie is actually quite entertaining and I have to say that this is one of Will Farrell's better movies. His chemistry with Mark Wahlberg is actually quite good. I was hoping that Will Farrell dont overkill the jokes but instead I felt Mark Wahlberg overdid his acting a little bit. The show is genuinely funny. Not slap stick not dark humor just funny. Its all plays on emotion and just good acting. I felt that the flow of the movie was slightly and i mean slightly slow for a comedy but its all good. There are very memorable moments like the Tuna story, the humming with the smile and the explosion part. Actually this is the first time Marky mark Wahlberg act in a comedy.

The aura of Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Samuel L Jackson was very good and even though it was abit overdone as in their arrogant style but its still damn funny. There is a slight twist that I really did not anticipate and somehow caught me aback. Felt abit like Ben Affleck's character in Smokin Aces. (not revealing... go watch it yourself and you will know)

Eva Mendes's role as Will Farrell's wife is the classic Eva Mendes style with abit of a geeky sex maniac in it. Interesting.....

And its been a long time since I saw Micheal "once upon a time was Batman" Keaton act. His character is also an interesting one. In this movie he too live a double life! Well police captain during the day and Electrical Store manager during the night. Why? in his words "Just to earn enough money to send his bisexual son to college". And he constantly quotes TLC's songs.

My verdict? Its a very nice flowing comedy. I read in one article that the reason jokes sounds original is because it is not in the script and the one liners are mostly improvised on scene. Director Adam McKay basically took one shot with the original script and few others with self improvised lines from the actors. No wonder...

Overall I gave 8/10! One hell of a funny movie that is a must watch!

Lastly I would like to thank Advertlets and Sony Pictures for the movie preview.

"OW, my ears! How do you walk away from an explosion without it hurting your ears, man? I call BS on that! This is like watching Star Wars, where Luke uses the Force and escapes the Death Star without a problem, completely unrealistic!" Allen Gamble (Will Farrell)

"Don't insult Star Wars, man! That's the Holy Grail of sci-fi! " Terry Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg)

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