Saturday, October 16, 2010


Have you met anyone that always thinks they are THE ONE? That everything they do is golden? I do! and its been getting on my fucking nerves lately!

I usually will blog about a certain topic that I felt reaches my boiling point! But this article is the second time it reaches the boiling point! You can read the first article here << In the space of one month I have reached a boiling point! Recently I again heard and personally felt this stupid phenomenon that I call SELF ACCLAIMED TOP FUCK! This fuckweeds thinks that what ever they do or say is special. Oh wow! For example this fucktards will do something and got some fame and they think they are some super god given talent where people will bow to them and pray to them as if they are some fucking hero!

Reality check!

in the words of my GF... "SO WHAT?!! YOU STILL HAVE TO DIE IN THE END!!"

This also happens when sometimes they will organise something and then when people tend to ignore them or so happened to have something more important that crop up suddenly. They throw a bitch fit and start to rant and bitch like some kind of fucking spoiled brat! OOOH i am gonna black list them! I am gonna make sure they pay for it! This is just a fucking cover up for the fucking "FACE" they lost. Dun give face la, no respect la bla bla bla yada yada yada and the list goes on and on. This is when they suddenly realised that they are not the be all know all being. I would like to say a very fucking congratulations! you are so self absorb with fame and "respect" or more like people sucking your dick that when something doesn't go your way you bitch all day long. Why? Ego bruised is it? HARDY HAR HAR!

There also also some that thinks when they say something people will listen and follow. But when suddenly people doesnt listen then they will panic and out of no where start verbally attacking the personal issues! This is not right. So unmanly! If you are smart enough or have the BALLS you ask the person to come upfront and confront them personally instead of bitching about them behind! This kind of ALPHA dominant fucktards will always want to be in control of the situation. They love it when people listen to them or follow what ever they do. This just gets on my fucking nerves! That is why I will usually avoid this asswipes and chill with my fellow CIVILIZED friends. Where we try to understand and find out what is the true situation then only make our assumption. Instead of bitching and ranting all day long and put them into the "Black List" woooooo... so scary la coz I am not in their list anymore... har har *sarcasm*


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