Tuesday, October 05, 2010


I just came back from lunch and this one thing has been getting on my nerves for a really long time. I am rushing back to my office which is the last floor on the top and I have to deal with all this lazy ass people that comes in just to go up or down ONE fucking floor. ONE floor! You dont look sick, you dont look crippled or you dont look old... take the fucking stairs!

Not like you need to walk up 10 stories! Coz i know it takes me 30 seconds to get to my 15 floor from ground floor but bcoz of this heroes I will waste 3-4 minutes of my time, depending on how many dimweeds are in the lift! (sounds like a time freak hehe) But its true, and worse of all they take their own sweet time walking in and walking out. Some is even worse, they start to look at their watch, documents etc etc and when the door opens they still read and with that startled look and the startled jerk, they look up and see if it is their floor. ITS JUST ONE FLOOR of course its your floor! How long do you think the lift will take to go up ONE FLOOR??!!! TAKE THE FUCKING STAIRS la so u got more time to read or fiddle with you watch or documents! There was once i saw a young lady, looks physically fit and she is not carrying anything, walking also looks normal but she have to take the lift up one floor! this really amazes me!! not like i am asking you to walk up 10 thousand flight of stairs!

One more thing that irritates me is when you are waiting at the lift, the button has already been pressed, lights is on, indicator arrow lights is also lit up that the lift is 1-2 floors away, this fucking hero comes and press the up button again... and again... and again. Perhaps he played too much FB games where u have to click as much as possible so that your thing will go faster! IT DOESN'T WORK ON LIFTS! Worse one is those who is rushing, the one that presses the button continuously *tap,tap,tap,tap,tap* in a furious manner. Wont work la, spoil the button only. Perhaps we should design a lift based on ppl on the hurry. Maybe this way we can be healthier.

Did you come across those that was chatting away while waiting for the lift and when the lift comes they still chat and ask questions. Kept the door open for a while and ask questions and trying to talk while the door is closing. and when the door is closing they speak louder and louder! then WHAM, they mumble to themselves something. Why dont you finish your CHAT then only click for the lift la! waste my time only listening you ask weird questions on where is this fella la or what does this do... and one more is when this two dimweeds met in the lift and started chatting and one goes out and the other in the lift stops the door to... finish their conversation! GET OUT OF THE LIFT and talk first la! dun hog the lift can or not?!

So... please be a responsible lift user!! please!

“If you die in an elevator, be sure to push the Up button.” -Sam Levenson


Chong said...

I've got to face this shit almost every day. But there's nothing can be done about these lazy f**tards. Sigh...

koRnholio said...

yeap, lazy farktards!

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