Monday, November 22, 2010


So who is your true friends? There was a saying that a friend is someone who walks in when everyone walks out. How true is that saying? Sometimes those that walks in, could they be the ones taking advantage when you are most vulnerable? who knows eh?

What I am trying to say is that sometimes do you notice some people who have like 1000 over "friends" in their facebook but when it comes to the real world they dont have any? Do you realise that they are the ones that love to brag and bitch on twitter or facebook but actually they are talking to themselves?

Some of this people actually constantly claims that they know alot of people but when you ask them they cant even get one person to help. So why do you need this kind of friends for? Just to make up the numbers? To show to the world that you have "friends"? Weird rite?

There are some that took things for granted. Have you came across those that you helped at first out of sincerity and after helping a while they indirectly took advantage of the situation? Instead when you stop helping them, they ask stupidly "how about me?". Some even dont appreciate what true friends are for and ended up far apart.

Some expect you to take the initiative and when you dont they just let it drift. Some add you in Facebook or twitter or Friendster or Messengers and never once they message or talk to you expecting you to make the first move. Then why add me? again... to fill up the numbers? Or you needed that extra 1 person to make your 899 friends to 900?

Have you also come across friends that claims that they are good friends to you but still count every single cents or every favour, but instead they embrace what you do for them and never once offer to pay back or return a favour.

Dont you think this kind of free loaders should be your friends? Sometimes this "friends" are best let go.


Kelvin said...

True friends are hard to find nowadays. Esp in big cities.

koRnholio said...

yup very true

Daniel Chiam said...

So I am going to spam you in twitter and facebook with every chance that I have, haha!

Its really nice to meet you and your wife btw ^^ thanks for being so friendly :D

koRnholio said...

hey its great to have met u!

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