Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Movie Marathon

Went beserk last week and went on a Rambo marathon. I watch part 1 till the lastest one part 4.

Well I actually enjoy it and its not all ganas as i remembered. Best of all he potrays a normal man trained to be an elite killing machine. Thats all. Not like those Jean Claude or Arnie's earlier movies where they cant die or get hurt, instead Rambo seems like a normal dude that faces the same problems as us. Just that he can launch a one man war. With a detailed planning and proper tactics and of course... shear killer instinct!

Now I remember why I always enjoy this franchise...

Then I went overboard. I went to watch a movie where I vowed never to watch... Piranha 3D... but i saw the 2D version la.

Full of gore and predictable story and of course plenty of nudity! weird movie but I just cant stop watching it! hahaha. I guess its boobs, blood and fish fest!

What a weird weekend...

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