Monday, February 28, 2011

Daily Bitching

Well I guess I am suffering from writers block now! so I am just gonna write about anything that comes in my mind now. First off on blogging.

They say that to be a successful blog is to constantly write and post articles so people will read them.... indeed. Well for me is not about quantity but more of quality and one more thing.... I DONT GIVE A RATS ASS ABOUT IT! I write what comes in my mind or what I think is worth writing!

When did all this rules and regulations about blogging came about anyway? Does all blogs have to look and sound the same? Nahhh... blogs are a platform for people to write their own stuffs in their own way doing their own things.

Sometimes I see some bloggers tries too hard to become "famous". Just too hard. Its sad to see this kind of bloggers. Just be yourself! no body wanna see a plastic! Where is the fun in that anyway? Forcing to write something just because you have to. I've seen so many ppl gotten so stressed out just to produce an article because they have to. Its just so sad. Blogging is suppose to be fun and to express your mind and not what other people want you to express. Then what is the point of blogging then?you might as well just be their medium of expressing that they want.

So what if not alot of ppl reads your stuff... end of the world? nah... life goes on. Coz the famous blogger with 10,000 per day thingy is stuffs of yesterday. There are too many bloggers out there. Unless you have something UNIQUE that no one else have then maybe you have a chance.

Next on my bitching is about idiots that thinks the world revolves around them! Attention seekers! the things they do to get attention is just appalling! For instance when one is invited to some functions and they dont get the invite, they ask how come never call me? or I dont have ar? or the will just bug you to ask the host/organiser to get one more for him/her. Just because they want to "be'' there.

For me is dont have dont have la. When I was younger, I use to think how come they did not invite me or call me. Is it because I am not cool or what ever. but now, I dont give a shit! Its ok if you dont get invite. Sometimes it maybe invited because of friends or some is because they only want one person and not the whole jing bang! Understand the situation la.

Some even worse! they will leech and bug the one person that can get tickets or pass or invite to a function. Suddenly they are your friends and buddies. But once they get what they want! the bugger off and not even talk or meet you. sad sad case.

sigh... ok I am done! I'm off for now!

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