Monday, March 21, 2011


I am pretty sure most people will encounter friends that live off another friend just because there is some benefits with them? Its normal, rite? We call it symbiosis rite? You scratch my back I scratch yours or just plain I wanna be your friend. All this is cool and dandy! Then there are those that will be friends with you just because you benefit them alot. When things starts to become one sided or things started to flow in just one direction. Give and not take or just take and not give.

There are two type of this kind of "friends". One is intentional and the other is unintentional. Unintentional? yes! Sometimes when one friend does it out of good will to help a friend and after a few repetition, the receiving party has gotten used to it. Then when the "goodwill service" stops, they get angry! Weird?

I've list down 8 things that describe this kind of "friends"

1. THEY NEVER DRIVES. This are the kind that will give 101 excuses, from their car got a problem to, I dont know the way, to I dont dare to drive or "you are a better driver". They will always find ways to hitch a ride with you whenever they can. Worse one is that they just jump into your car without even asking!

2. THEY NEVER OFFER. This is directly related to no.1, this are the kind that ask you to give them a lift but never ever show the slightest intention to pay for parking, toll or even petrol. They just sit there and enjoy the breeze. The worst kind is the ones that plays with your car stereo, changing the songs and playing with the aircond. They do not even offer to drive the next time. They always wait for that free ride.

3. FREE FOOD. This are the kind that takes opportunity to get free food. If there is a function and there is food, they are always there. The brief "hey wassup! how are you la?" then off they go to the food and finish off a huge chunk of it. Sometimes invited and most of the time NOT invited. They will even go great lengths just to get themselves invited. Worse kinds? those that takes a big chunk or pile of food when it is clearly stated for "sharing", leaving a small portion for the rest.

4. ADVANTAGE TAKERS. Those that expects you to invite them when you have free stuffs. This are those that is not close to you but when you have an invite to go for some event for free or food testing, they will come sniffing around. And when you dont give them, they throw tantrum and throw a fit telling the whole world how much they helped you but infact it is significantly little. They will say things like, "How come you dont invite me?" or "Wua, go there never invite la... free things ownself take only la!".

5. CARNIVAL-VORS. This is those that expect people to give them free things when they go certain place. Those that goes to a carnival and takes free bags, pens and other things the booth put. When you say that they have to pay, then they put back at that instant and give that grumpy look.

6. PRINCESS. There are some women that only goes out when there are guys around that can pay for them. Its not wrong for a guy to pay for the girls but it is wrong when you have that intention for the guy to pay everytime you go out with them. If you notice, they always choose the same few guys to go out with only. They will choose those posh places where they dont usually go but never ever show the slightest intention to pay. Some even dare to not bring money. The most obvious is when they know they have to pay, they choose places that is cheaper or they dont order any drinks.

7. COMPILERS. This are those that goes dinner but never orders anything. They will just say, "hey, can I have a spoon of that... wanna try" but never order their own food. They will ask around to test food from all around the table but never once they order a meal for themselves. I've seen this from school but I barely see it now tho.

8. BORROWERS. Sometimes there are times when you take too much and never give back. This are the kind that goes anywhere and borrow money to pay first and will pay back when they have money. Which they never have. Taking advantage of the kind hearted friends that thinks they dont have money. But when they do and when borrow 20 sens coz you dont have small change, they will ask back and count every penny.

So are you one of these fellers? or do you have any friends like that? I guess most of us have this kind of friends. Sadly, we have to decide to keep or discard them.


Rhasta Synn said...

Ramone! Never pay for a woman's meal!
Ramone! Driver her to Sentul and drop her off! Ramone! Give me a douchebag for every free loader there is! Ramone! Kill me a freeloading fistfucker! Ramone! Keep the bitch chained to the stove with no shoes and pregnant! Ramone!

Lil' Dahling said...

So true! I especially dislike the type 1 and type 8.

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