Thursday, April 21, 2011


There are times when you go through a really rough patch in life. Be it work, friends, personal or family. But if all comes at in one time and everything just dont gel or go in sync, it kinda screws you up mentally.

Its like trying to juggle so many different issues in one go. I am pretty sure most will say prioritize or just do it. But what if all of it plays a very important role in my life? or is very very dear to me? Its really an emotionally draining experience. Sometimes I just feel like crying or just run away from all of it and just be alone. But its just not it. We have responsibilities and it must be held right.

Things gets worse when you work so hard trying to make this life machine move like a well oiled machine. It may not be a Ferrari or a Kancil but if one part gets stuck and it jams down the whole process then its bad but what if one jam leads to another? and suddenly you are stranded in the highway of life where everyone is zooming past you and you are stuck there figuring how you can fix your car. Some can live with parts of their car spoiled but my car is different. Its like a korean made car where if one part spoiled, the whole area gets jammed too. It is a system where all is interconnected. That is how my car is built and it will always be.

But again, life is not like a car. You can change a car once its broken but you cant do that in life. Your only way is to painstakingly and patiently fix it and make sure it runs smoothly again. So for me now... life goes on and I will patiently try to fix this car of mine with love and passion and make sure it runs smoothly again...

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Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

I truly understand and get what you mean because I'm sure what you are experiencing has been experienced by most people before including me. So just hang in there and hopefully the ride will get smoother towards the end for you..:)

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