Thursday, April 21, 2011


Wow so fast one month has passed! god damn! i didnt even realised it until I saw the last post! been really bz with lotsa lotsa work and along with laziness, things just tend to drag on.

Anyway, I have encountered one really really irritating person today and that triggers my blogging cells to get excited. So, today I am dedicating this article to these heroes!

Case 1.

Have you ever encountered someone who "thinks" that he/she knows lotsa things and started to give "smart" comments on what you have been doing or involved in for lotsa years? I've encountered this fella today at a meeting. I was talking about my job and role in the radio station and out of the blue after I gave my presentation, this hero started asking questions. At first I was more than happy to answer his queries. Then more question came, but the manner of his question was very very offensive.. wait no, thick skull-ed and plain ignorant!! I was somehow taken aback but hey, again I was more then willing to answer him.

Then right after the meeting we had a drink and this smarty pants came to my table and sat beside me. The other members was happily asking me questions of my radio and its services and suddenly out of the blue this smarty pants came and started throwing facts about this radio he heard in New Zealand that is the best radio in the world and its the only radio that he only listens to now. Then I told him it is different here in Malaysia and how the behavior of the listeners cannot be compared to that of New Zealand or UK. Then he came back with the comment that saying Malaysian radio sucks. How he despise local radio. Now I am really annoyed and offended. He was shooting me there and then when he didnt even listen to my radio at all.

Wow! what an ass! But because it was a gentlemens meeting where we go there with goodwill to talk and exchange cards, I kept my cool. Then he kept on going on and on about how that stupid radio covers across all age group and even kids from 8 yrs old to oldies of 80 years old can call and give comment on the radio. Then I said that Malaysians are different. We are all pampered by those entertainment radio where when you on the radio the first thing that came to your mind was to get entertainments like music or stupid games played on air. It is a challenge to change the mindset of Malaysians to actually understand the true role of the radio. Which is the medium to broadcast information and not music.

Then this smarty pants continues saying that this radio have people that can talk the whole day about certain topics and they are very good coz you can ask them anything and you will be interested to listen to them even if you have no interest in the sports/ gardening or whatsoever before. Then I told him this is what we do, he interrupted me before I could explain what we do and he say no. "There is no radio in Malaysia that is doing that style". I stopped him there and then and say "I am not done yet sir, you have to listen to what I have to say first before you make any accusations". I was on the verge of telling him to fuck off and if you like New Zealand so much then why dont you go back to fucking New Zealand and stuff the kiwi up your arse using peter jackson;s boots!

This is what I hate about these fucktards that gone to other country for a few years and when they come back they have every thing to comment on the local stuffs and best of all, they dont even know what it is nor have they actually find out what we are first before they open their fucking piece of shit ass they call the mouth!

As civilised person I am, right after that session I bid him farewell gave him a smile and fucked off! knowing if I sat there any longer with this fucker I will most probably kick him and break his leg, put it back together and break it again!!

Case 2

Hmmm I am on a streak. So why not continue eh?

There is always this kind of dimweeds that thinks they are so god damn smart and simply make comments not knowing they are actually talking to the wrong person but still continue "commenting".

Once I was with my radio. We opened a booth in this event at PWTC. The people were friendly as we passed out brochures and explained who we are and what we do. Then out of a blue, another of this old fuck came out from the crowd and look at us. He was glowing with enthusiasm, smiling and looking very eager to talk to us. So I greet him with a nice hello and started explaining to him. Suddenly he cut me off and told me he knows who we are and he have a comment to make to us. As a good person I am, i told him to go ahead and tell us what was his comments.

He suddenly told us that he listens to us everyday and he finds our traffic announcer spelling the word wrong. At first I was happy he is a listener and secondly I was like what word? Then he told me "do you know it is spelled 'KL Lites'??", I was like "whertt???!!!" then he said its not call KL itis. Then i said he got it wrong it is DBKL ITIS as in Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur Intergrated Traffic Information System. Then he said we are wrong, it is still spelled KL Lites... then he followed up by saying ITIS means its a disease. Where he and his "doctor" friends was laughing when they hear this saying that kl is sick. Then he said that the girl that was announcing all the traffic news sounds good but she needs to spell it right. Then i realised that we dont have a girl reading traffic news.

Then I asked him when he listened, is it in English or BM? he said English! I told him he got the wrong station, that should be Lite fm or any radio from AMP and that lady is Priscilla Patrick. he insist it is us then I told him we dont have traffic news in English la "uncle". His wife got the message and gave us the "I am sorry my husband is a retarded ass" look and pulled his husband away. I really feel like throwing my bunting stand at him and say "UNCLE!!! YOU FUCKING RETARD!!! THIS IS BERNAMA RADIO24 LA! NOT LITE FM LA CIBAI!!!" but I didnt coz I am a civilised person.....

Thats the thing about some people, thinking that they know everything just because they want to be the smart one or cool one... but after talking out of their ass... they are more like the retarded one or so cool that they have a chunk of ice for a brain. They talk before they think or before they know any facts or before looking properly not knowing that they themselves are the joke of the whole freaking town! Get ur facts right first la, ass!!!


-DT- said...

Dude! I understand what you mean! These retards deems themselves as evangelists or something. And they totally ignore your feeling.

David TWK

Sumandak From the Land Below the Wind said...

Well, this people just won't stop! Smart asses! how irritating..

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

LOL. I really like the
'go back to fucking New Zealand and stuff the kiwi up your arse using peter jackson;s boots!" part.

The second case sounds like the man wanted to make a complaint so that he can get some compensation straight away. but what he didn't realise was he complaint it to the wrong station. lol. stupid ass.

Sabar ye, I'm sure you get to meet all this kind of ppl because of the nature of your work. Cheers!

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