Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Are you ready to rumble?

In football 90 minutes differentiates men from boys and winners and losers. Come this Thursday, to some it might not be a big battle, but to us loyal malaysian fans... its the biggest of them all! Malaysia vs Singapore! Even though we may have lost the first leg 5-3, but think about it, we have the 3 away goal advantage! and further more... 80,000 crowd pushing and cheering them to go on and win! This is in comparison to the meagre 6,000 crowd where you can see cars driving by behind the goal...

The rivalry of both the team makes it an even more mouth watering clash! Think of it as the Manchester Derby or the merseyside derby or Argentina v Brazil, England v Scotland... we have our very own! Malaysia v Singapore!!!

I am going to Stadium Bukit Jalil, why? This is one match I cannot miss!!! I missed the match against Taiwan few weeks back and I felt really bad after that. But now, I got my tickets and I am going to do my part in helping my country, the Tigers of Malaya in dismembering the Lions of Singapore!

For those who complain about the level of football played by Malaysian team... why dont you make a change and head to the stadium and make sure your "voice" is heard by them, instead of sitting at your miserable little chair at home and sulk! I was given a choice to go to this match or watch Captain "AMERICA"... well, America can wait... coz MALAYSIA COMES FIRST!

As the poster above said... Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku! See you in HELL!


lc marshal said...

mate, thanks for the inspiring articles. Harimau Malaya mengaum esok!

Car Freak said...

Auummmmm!!! Gegar BJ MALAM NI!

Paria Perawan said...

Are u chinese bro?
Well gud to see other races also support malaysia football national team :)
and don't get me wrong.
I'm not racist.
I think lot of malaysian knew.
Since i was kid and came to the stadium it's so hard to find other races other than malay.
The majority is malay.
But when the scenario has changed a bit now i'm proud.
Dis is wat we call malaysia.
Mix all races :)

koRnholio said...

yes i am! and i dont believe in races...

koRnholio said...

btw yea i noticed that the lack of support from the other races. kind sad... been going for matches as far as i can remember and only recently i see support from other races and best of all more chicks are attending too!

that my friend... is awesome!

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