Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I want to win tickets to Larry Crowne and Lulla Man!

I definitely wanna win my two tickets for this two movies from Advertlets. No, its not because my other half want me to get it, but its partially because you get a chance to watch two award winning performers doing a comedy! woohoo!

Catch Larry Crowne trailer here!

Well everyone ask what would you do if you were given a second chance in high school. Well, I would study harder........ yea rite. I love my high school life and if I were to go back to high school, I would enjoy it all over again but this time but with the current knowledge and mind set. Wow... how much I can con and rule people. wuahahahha... pelajar cermerlang? definitely!

Well Tom Hanks kinda played this role, of course not going back to high school but more of going back to school. Fell in love with his speech teacher which is played by Julia Roberts. Two award winning performers? a definite must watch!

Next up is Thai comedy Lulla Man!

Catch Lulla Man trailer here!

So the question for this is how do you rekindle a dying relationship? Well, how it became a dying relationship in the first place? Try to do what you both love to do. Find the root of the problem or the key area that cause the relationship to die and try to revive it. It needs both side to make it work and not just one side. Coz it takes two hands to clap. Communication, tolerance, forgiving, understanding and most of all be able to give in at times. If both can use this, then it will help rekindle the relationship... (does not work for all yea!)

This show kinda reminds me of this Hong Kong show in the early 90s where Nat Chan and few of his friends went to "Thailand" to have fun and their wives found out and how they try to explain. Its been almost a year since I went to watch a Thai movie.

Lets see if I can win or not yea!

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