Monday, August 29, 2011

Forum Assholes and Google

Kuala Lumpur. Greatest city on Earth. Where you can get anything anywhere at any time. Well almost. You can get any "popular" item almost anywhere. So let me relate to y'all this incident. I want to buy a fightpad. If you don't know what a fightpad is, nevermind. It is not the crux of the story. You can even replace the word fightpad for diamond encrusted g-string if it helps. But anyways, I want to buy a fightpad. And for all intents and purposes lets say its a brand "GX" fightpad. Now most fightpads in Malaysia are logitech, ps3 and xbox. To buy a GX fightpad, you can't go to a store. Most stores don't have em in stock. So you'll need to a little searching.

Where's the best place to go for if you're looking for something? Midvalley. No you retard, the internet. You can find anything on the internet including that diamond gstring. So I go on the internet and type, I'm looking for a GX fightpad in KL. Where do I find one? Naturally the search results direct me to... You got it... Forums.

In the forum, someone has already typed in... I'm looking to buy a fightpad. Where can I get one in KL. Now here come the type of replies:

1. Ebay/Amazon: Good answer. It is the best place to buy stuff. Helpful answer.

2. here's one written by a grade A retard: I miss my saturn controller. I don't give a flying fuck if you miss your testicles because you ate too much and sat on your fat ass all day resulting in testicular torsion where one ball had to be surgically amputated due to the lack of bloodflow cuz of the pressure your ass was putting on said ball while you sat around all day, stuffing your face with crispy cream donuts. RETARD!

3. GX controllers are rare/expensive. No shit, sherlock, they're rare. If they were common, your mom would be selling them after she got off tricking all day. DOUCHEBAG!

4. Damn, I wish I owned one. They're so cool. The question was... Where can you find one, not whether they're cool or not. And no gives a fuck about your wishes. Even if it was a wish that your uncle didn't come up to your room and molest you that night, starting of chain reaction of repressing childhood memories with crispy cream donuts and then the inevitable testicular torsion. SHITHEAD!

5. They're sold in the States. How is this useful information? No, tell me. How? What possibly could I do with that information. I know. I'll carve it onto a metallic ball bearing and stick it up your ass. Why do these assholes write these moronic things is beyond me. SPASTIC!

6. I hope they'll have them in store when I fly to the States. I hope that plane never makes it. I hope it crashes into the pacific ocean but everyone survives except for your fat ass that sinks to the bottom and is devoured by moray eels, you waste of DNA!

7. I have a GX fightstick! Whoopty-fucking-do. I hope you have AIDS too.

You see the idiots that live in our society. You see! Morons. These are the same morons that go up to the counter at any food outlet and... ah fuck it, that's a whole other can of worms. We need to kill stupid people. We really do.

Now on to Google. You bunch of fucking assholes. We all know you own gmail and facebook and youtube and blogger. Stop linking them all together. Access your facebook through your gmail. Access your blogger through your facebook. I DON'T WANT TO! Has it ever occured to you that some people want to keep these things separated so we don't get our privacy invaded you fucking douchebag googlers.

On a lighter note, This Town Episode 6 is out.

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