Monday, September 19, 2011


In this life there is reality and there is fantasy, but sometimes fantasy can be a reality too! Well that is what most guys think. With the influence of magazines and internet and of course the well chiseled image from the PR companies. Normal girls can be turned into the hot girl next door or a sex goddess.

So the question that is asked around most is who do you choose? Choices can be made but in reality who do we really wanna choose? I am sure most guys always has a list of wants and needs. That is of course the "ideal" list. You can walk down the road and ask any guy and make a list of who they wish they can date and what they look for in a girl, then compare all of their list and I can tell you the list will be 80-90% similar. If you look at the list it is near perfect. This eyes, that lips, that boobs, that body, can cook, can clean, can love, can take care of self, can cuddle and the list goes on and on and on. So who is that fantasy girl again? its in your head! its always in your head! That girl will never exist. Its made up by mags to sell you that fantasy so you can fantasize about the things you can do to her or the live you want to live with her.

But truth be told, once you come across a real girl with a decent looking looks. That whole list is thrown out the window! And if she is good looking, you would just do anything to get her. When your friends ask you, she is not exactly what you said you are looking for also. Then you would just say she is! Am I right? then comes the "that is last time...". Why? coz fantasy girls is what you think you want but what do you really want is a girl to be with.

When reality strikes, you know that list you made up is too much. Then you make amendments. Cut down 80% if what you set. Why? because this girl makes you go head over hills for her. So what is the real girl then? 20% of your dream girl? Not exactly again. Its just a natural way of life for us to pick the girl with the most similarities to the women we grow up adoring or the women that made the most positive influence in your life. It could be your mother, sister, grandma, aunt of that cute neighbour. If you dont believe me, look at your friends or brother where you know their life well. You will see alot of similarities between their mom, sis or grandma with their girlfriend or wife.

It could be the in the physical aspect, character or the personality. Believe it or not? Those that broke up is because that hidden sub conscious criteria is not exactly fulfilled. Some of us knows that list some dont.

But some cant grasp the reality and they still expects Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox or Lin Chilin to wash your clothes, cook a nice "wu thao khao yuk" or that mean rendang daging like how your mom use to make and also to make sure your shirts are fresh and nicely pressed, take full care of your baby, and make sure the house is clean and look flawlessly good while you sit there and watch tv or play games. DREAM ON MAN!!! This is when they get a girl, they will demand them to dress up, make up etc etc to try to look as much as their dream girl. Then when they get frustrated, they...... abuse... dump or cheat on another girl that is similiar to his dream girl. Its a sad sad society, and how much the media have corrupt some minds to the level of no return. I feel sorry for this girls.

The other sad part is those that comment on a certain celebs fan page on facebook or twitter. Its quite pathetic when you see some of the comments. For example, one celeb that I wont mention name like Hannah Tan. Once she posted that she was not feeling well and I just got curious what people posted since there was like 100+ comments. Most of it was get well soon... thats normal. But for those that went... let me try to quote "oh poor thing, need my help? drink more herbal soup and take good care of your self yea?".... HELLO?!! Do you ever in your right state of mind think she will say "yes, please get me some herbal soup. Its freezing in Japan and I really need some unknown guy to come over to my place and take care of me"..... get real!

Truth is, there is no such thing a fantasy girl. The fantasy girl is just a figment of your imagination and it only exist in your mind. Fantasy girl is for you to fantasize when you are sitting there alone in your house with nothing to do the whole day and lets not get there.... then again, your fantasy girls or celebrities that you know actually just fills up a few requirements on the list, most notably... on their hot physical attributes! oh yea... but she could be the bitch and a half! right? but its ok coz she is hot... right?

End of the day the real girl can be your fantasy girl if you think she is! appreciate her, understand her, under-stand for her longer, and of course love her and hope that she loves you back! Throw that list away because when the right girl comes, the list is irrelevant and when that happens... you will look back at your list and laugh because the one you got is much better... I hope! Besides, I like my girl original and real!! not those fake ones because I dont want to suddenly see your nose drop off or your boobs burst in the middle of our flight to somewhere or trying to give me a stiff botox faced smile.

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Anonymous said...

this is right on dude! I can 100% agree and attest to this as I have had the fantasy in every which way and she is not the one for me!!!!!

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