Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sony Walkman W-Series Launch

When I first told my friends that Sony has launched their new Walkman, most of them gave me the same response, "They still produce that??! As in the ones with the cassette?!". My,my, how outdated have they been?! Sony has came a long way since then, even though they maintained the "Walkman" brand but they have kept up with the time and yea this time this walkman has really took the "walk" to the next level. 

Sumandak & The City with the white little walkie
The new W series impresses me quite a bit. Talk about portability and mobility, this series definitely has all of those. Usually when it comes to a MP3 player there is usually a body and the wire that links to the headphones. Quite a hassle when you want to move around. Especially when you are running or walking or perhaps doing some physical activities that requires bending and turning and pumping! You know, those that  makes you sweat. The wires will stick to your face la, wires get tangled up la or the worst part, your sweat seeps into the device and after a while... you can say bye bye to your device. 

W-Series Walkman Range
Somehow it looks cooler on this mannequin
Talk about convenience, this W-Series has quite a fair bit of convenience. It comes only with a flexi wire that connects both the headphones... and.... thats it. With the size of a bluetooth headset , its simple and easy to maneuver without all the hassle of wiring dangling from your head to your body. Best of all, its water proof! yes, water proof. This series is created specifically for those who loves the outdoor activities and with the weather of our beloved country, rain comes a plenty. If you were to use a normal MP3 player, you would most probably run for cover if it pours. But with this series, run all the way to your destination with awesome tracks playing! This will allow you to play "Chariot of Fire" while you run in slow mo in the rain with your drenched see through singlet exposing your layers of healthy lumps or bumps wobbling and vibrating to the finish line! 

Waterproof wei!
Having a 2GB storage space, you can do your run for a way longer time with your favourite cool kick ass tracks! With the 3 minutes "Quick Charge" feature, you can have your Walkman cranking up your favourite tunes up to 60 minutes per charge. Uploading is easy as they have a water tight USB socket. Plug and load from your pc and off you go! 

The bright colours are definitely made for those outgoing or sports enthusiasts! Dont worry, those that wants to have that cool look, they also have it in classy black! Not too bad for a small device like this! 

The price of one of this sporty babes comes only at RM299! Ok bah for a waterproof, mobile, sporty and convenient device! 

The only thing is to make sure you get the right ear piece. For me, I prefer a bigger one so that I can fill up my hole... I mean ear hole. Why? when I wore the display model, it could not fill up and kept on falling off. Big wealthy ear is like that one la.... 

All in all, the Sony Walkman W Series is quite an interesting device. For a person who loves his music and constant luck getting drenched in the rain... I think I can use this device! wait... dammit, my other devices are not waterproof! dammit!

The Sporty, Classy, Cool and Awesome ppl?
L-R: Shereen, Vernon, Rebecca & Kelly


Daniel Chiam said...

looks nice! ragh! might want to get it and then can go jog with some music on :D

Garfield said...

RM299... feel like quite expensive...

rhasthasynn said...

you know what quite expensive to feel like... russian hookers. HAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAH!

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