Saturday, September 10, 2011

WUAAAARRRGGGHHHH!!! (is this even a title?)

I suddenly have the urge to break something. Call it teenage anger or what ever but wait! I aint no teenager or am I? I woke up feeling a little more energetic today maybe due to me recovering from my bad flu and cough due to the stupid fucked up haze. But today was one of those days where all the energy kept while i was sick for the past few days trying to burst out.

To tell you the truth... I felt good! I feel like I really wanna break some stuffs! I feel like just living the life and do something stupid like what we do when we are at our teens or early adulthood. Second childhood? I dont know, the sudden urge to start headbanging and jumping all around the house! I dont know do you all have those urge or not, but then again who gives a fuck?!

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