Saturday, September 10, 2011

WUUUUAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHH!!! pt 2. (I am sure this cant be a proper title)

Yes I have gone officially insane. The flu fucked me up pretty bad! Its raining now and this reminds me of something that I havent done for a really long time! walk in the rain... do you realise that people are all worried now about getting wet in the rain or falling sick and stuffs.

But do you realise we never really fall sick when we were kids after walking in the rain? I dont know about you, but I dont. I was like superman last time. I never fall sick... the only time i fall sick is because i dont want to go to school! Walking in the rain or sitting in the rain was a tranquilising thing to do. You all should try sometime! Let the water trickle down your skin... WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! nowadays we cannot do that! why? we are scared that our little electronic devices like our precious phones, tabs, charger, pager or laptop get soaked. Ahhh no wonder we dont get wet anymore. Well I noticed that! I too am afraid to walk in the rain esp with all this super expensive devices we carry in our pockets.

Then again... no wonder all these kids nowadays are all weak little fucks! No rain, no pain, no shieat! Everytime I pass the schools when it rains I see parents all holding umbrellas covering their kids and they themselves get wet. Precious little items... or when they get whack by teachers they scold the teachers back! amboooi... manjanye.... Back then when I told my mom my teacher whack me... my mom will whack me another round and say "Serve you right! naughty again la! *whack*"

Its sad that we have became weak little people. Having depending on supplements, special treatments or classes or the weird lifestyles we live today. Coz we are all too protected. We are all pampered with convenience. and we became inpatient. A weak and inpatient society.

You dont see kids running around getting dirty anymore. You seldom see kids playing those games like galah panjang, kunda kundi or whatsover on the field anymore. Where you go you see PSP, iPhones, Nintendo etc... its a sad sad place we live in. And it reflects in the music too! yes, I am going to continue with more bitching!

Look at the music the new bands or musicians are producing nowadays? its such a shame that there arent lots of real rockers out there anymore. Its all so diluted with techno, wussy rock, faggy lead singers and "one beat for all bands" band! The music industry actually able to tell us how have our society have evolved into. Weak plastic whimpy kids! Then again... it sells! its all about the money! So those of you that have kids or going to have kids, please dont let them get drowned into this shieat!

I guess thats enough of ranting here so I guess I am going to go back to my headbanging.... over and out!

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