Thursday, November 24, 2011


I am pretty sure "almost" and I mean "almost" everyone I know has been intergrated facebook into their life system. Some basically cant live without logging into Facebook even for a day. I have to say that it is one of the most interesting and successful social network ever created. Well when Yahoo first came out, everyone was buzzing about it and then came Google, where even now it has became a lingo by itself such as "googling" it up and so on. Then came Friendster, MySpace and so on. But Facebook was different. Somehow it has something that ticks the internet savvy people. 

Even those that is not so keen or comfortable using the internet has sign up to have an account. Its like having an account is an important thing. The term "you need to get a Face" is quite common. Meeting up with an old friend or acquaintance always have a line in their conversation "Hey, you have Facebook?" and its always ended up with "Add me la yea?". 

Facebook has became "the" tool to connect with people. 

So is it a good thing or a bad thing?

I have to say it comes in both good and bad. Just like anything cool, there is always a good accompanying the bad. The good thing is that we are all now somehow connected. We are able to communicate with almost everyone we know through FB and it has became a tool to share with everyone what are your thoughts on the moment or something that you saw or even what you like. It has became the one stop center that Friendster, MySpace etc cant deliver. That is the good thing...

But I feel that with all these things going around like sharing pictures of friends and family, telling where you live or where you are now and even perhaps speaking your mind... somehow kinda irritates me now. You can now unsubscribe your facebook "friends" feeds. Especially those "smart asses" who think that their status is cool or something like that. There is informing to the people that something you do is cool but over doing it with a lame remarks added to it just doesnt make a cut. FB has also became a platform for the weak to speak up. Those that got no balls to say things to people's REAL FACE post it in FB. It is these kind of fellas that you click unsubscribe! 

But for me I feel that Facebook has became stale. Too many things happening in it and too many people posting irrelevant stuffs. Especially those that tags you in their sales product or some weird posters or (sorry to say this) religious post. It just over congest the wall. There is this such thing as customise post option. Do that! 

I use to be addicted to facebook but after seeing all this over the years and how facebook has became a money making machine... it has lost the jizz that make it have that buzz. Recently I just lost the interest in FB. I rather talk to the person, IN PERSON instead of message chat. When I poke someone it hurts instead of just a word. Yes it is a good tool but like a screwdriver... its a tool too, that you use it when you need it. But again its kinda hypocritical for me to say this coz I know this article will be posted in my FB! HAHA! and some of you will most probably ignore this post! then again! one finger points out, four others is pointing back at you!

Thats what I think lah.. hahaha

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