Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year Resolution

You know what? Alot of people talk about resolution or having a resolution. Some to the extend became so obsessive with having a resolution.

For me? after years and years of failed resolutions or forgotten resolutions, I just gave up. Its no point having a resolution if you don't resolve anything. Right? 

Lose weight? quit smoking? sure bo? I've so far rarely seen anyone managed to fulfill their new year resolutions. I guess we have to do what Tony Robbins says... you dont need to wait till the new year for a resolution. Just do one now and start it now. Why wait for the new year? start early! start now! 

But we wont rite? so how are we gonna resolve something? Simple! dont have a list! 

Just go with the moment! Quit smoking? next year? try doing it now la... no need to give a time. why? Well, you wont do it! trust me... by the time its the new years you have already thought of an excuse to give to yourself to continue smoking.

Lose weight? do it now la. Suscribe to a gym. why wanna wait till next year? oh! so you can "hentam" that lamb on xmas? or you got a list of open houses that you are invited? aiya, Malaysia is filled with festive season. Its always an open house down the corner of every month. So you gonna wait till after Chinese New Year? After Thaipusam? After labour day? after your friends birthday? Weddings? wont happen! 

So for me, my new years resolution is to try to resolve my previous years resolution. So what was my previous years resolution? is to have a proper resolution instead of saying I need a resolution next year. So there you go! I have fulfilled my quota! problem solved. 2012 Resolution done, dusted and settled, and achieved! So bring on the apocalyptic year! and party on dudes! why? coz is gonna be an awe--- wait for it--- some year! See ya on the other side!

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