Thursday, January 05, 2012

New year New Shit?

Yay its 2012!!! yay its 2012??!! oh its 2012...

I never really enjoyed the new year. Most people say that its a good thing to start afresh or to move forward bla bla bla yada yada yada. But not for me! well, not the last few years. I was comfortable with what I have. The new year is just a hassle! why? You will always have difficulties when it comes to writing the dates. "3/1/2011... eh eh... 2012"

Dont you get that all the time? right?

The only thing I look forward is the new years eve and the first few minutes of the new year. New years eve celebration is more like a different time zone all by itself! that is if you are celebrating it! Well my new years eve celebration was more of a bittersweet experience. I went to The Hills at Bukit Damansara with my close buddies for a drink. We wanted to party but dont really want to be at a place that is too crowded. But back to the bittersweet experience... First of all, it was the first time I celebrated it without mah babe and secondly, the mood was kinda spoiled when we received the bill for our drinks. They actually charged us a hefty 36% for Service charge. Dah la charge so high, there was nothing special with the service and the fellas that served us also cannot SMILE! so what was the extra 30% for again? OT? for what again? BOLLOCKS! but with all that bullshit there was some light or more like fireworks where I had a not too bad night with my buddies but again its nothing especially when it is not mah babe.

So lets go back to the whole new year fiasco. So because of changing a number in a year, people tend to take advantage on it. So what is the new year good for ? it just gives people more reason to "reset" and start over again. or hit the "advance" button and make things harder for themselves. For example, like I said in my previous post about resolutions. Its all just putting extra pressure on yourself with something that most of you wont be able to fulfil. You dont need the new year to start something a new. You dont need the new year to move forward. You can start moving forward anytime. how about the next minute? next hour? new day? no need new year la... so far away...

But then again this year even though my work will be tougher but I think i am going enjoy my work! so lets just hope I enjoy this "new year" more than I did last year!

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Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

Wah only your babe then everything is superb. Very good bf you are. How I wish my hubby will think that way. LOL. Anyway, happy new year to you! I hope this year will be better for you!

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