Monday, March 26, 2012

Sick Society

What a sick society we are living in? What triggered me to write about this issue is just moments ago I was at the bank lining up to bank in my check at the machine. As I was waiting for my turn, there was this guy at the machine banking in his cheque too. What I saw was that he got a shit load of cheques to be banked in. First of all he dont even know that they can insert at least 10 cheques at a time instead he bank in one at a time which you know is a fucking long time. So as I saw what was happening, I just ask him whether he can let me do mine first as I have only one cheque. I asked him in a very polite manner and he looked at me and told me "I wait very long already you know? you go use other machine la!!" in a very assholic way! 

At that moment what triggered me was to punch the living shit out of him. But then a next thought came in, how stressed up have our society been. A polite and calm question to be replied by such a fucked up way.

If you noticed, in recent times, the people, the society have became rather stressed up. Based on my observation, this is caused by several things. 

1. Bad town management
 Why? When it is managed badly such as commercializing an area that cant handle the volume of traffic will cause traffic jam. Simple as that. And not that, when it is done, there is very little public transport to support the system. Hence more cars coming in. Then got not enough parking, hence more car park illegally by the road side causing a 2 lane road become 1. This will cause more? Jam...

2. Fast communication
If you notice our parents generation or the older generations are more patient compared to us. Why? because during the pre internet, smart phones, email days. Everything needs to have a waiting period. Send a main doesnt mean you can get it now. It takes days or weeks, depending on distance. Secondly, to process a picture, you have to go to the photo shop to develop the picture which takes 1-2 days. To get information, you need to go to the library or borrow books from friends. So everything requires waiting.

But with the internet now, everything needs to be fast, convenient, easy. Once it slows down, we will get angry. Why? because we are spoiled by this. We are constantly on the move and constantly needing something fast. 

3. 3 in 1
Like no. 2, everything is convenient now. 3-in-1 coffee, instant develop, fast informations, package deals, instant meals etc. We are again being spoiled when it comes to this. We need everything fast and convenient because we are "busy" and on the move. Where actually we are just fucking lazy. We want fast results. Fuck the details! right? There is one saying, if there is no more time, then make it! 

Dont you agree with me? We are fast becoming a sick and insane society. Just look at the daily news and you can see how sick this society has become. We have kind of lost our souls and ethical mind. There is no patience anymore. 

I just cant imagine how bad it will be. But for me... I have learn to look back and learn from our past generation. Not only our past generation but or past. What did we do and how did we survive it and yet enjoy it. 

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