Friday, March 23, 2012

We are Malaysia!

What does it mean by being a Malaysian? Let me ask again, what does it mean by being a Malaysian?

Try asking this question to many Malaysian and you can get a similar sets of answer.

1. Coz it my country, I was born here
2. I pay my taxes... have to la...
3. This country ah... not good la... go XXX country better la...


The question again, What does it mean by being a Malaysian?

Let me share with you my version of what does it mean by being a Malaysian.

Ethnically I was born and raised in a Chinese family. As I was growing up I was exposed to quite a number of cultures. My dad will take me to eat all kind of different food and explain to me their cultures, My sister's god parents are Peranakan mix Portugese/Indians and we visit them once every few weeks. Then I was enrolled into an all boys semi government catholic Sekolah Kebangsaan school called La Salle. This was where the whole "government" plan of Malaysianised comes in. I was exposed to different cultures. 

Then I went to a Chinese dominated college called Tunku Abdul Rahman college. This was where I found out that I dont belong here at all as it was a really uncomfortable 3 years for me. 

Then I dated and still dating a beautiful sumandak from the land below the wind. (Sumandak is Kadazan for young girl). My best friends are Indians, I am working in a Malay based company.... 

and you know what is the best thing about all this?

I DONT FEEL LIKE A CHINESE! honestly. Once I got really offended when one of my superior said this to me "Eh this is not the way to do business la... you are a chinaman and you dont know this ka?". What the Fuck man! with leaders that thinks like this how can we be a united nation?

I hate it when people assume that I do this because I am chinese. That is just the beginning of racism. We preach about saying no to Racism but yet we are still practicing it. My ethnicity wont determine who and what I am. Its just a name and the skin colour. Yes I am proud of the chinese heritage, history and culture. but do I live and practice it? NO! coz I dont know half of what it preaches.

When I went to China recently, I cant grasp their lifestyle. Its so different than us. When I got back to KL ,I was kneeling down and touching the floor because I have come back to "Tanahair ku". I was so eager to speak Bahasa Malaysia to the first person I saw. It was a joy. Coz I am home...

If you look at our modern lifestyles and cultures, Malay, Chinese or indian or even Kadazan. We are doing almost the same thing. So how am I chinese again? i eat char koay teow?  play fireworks? give ang paus? condemn about our national cars? laugh at our local football? watch stupid reality shows... ? dont we all do that?

So what makes us a Malaysian again? by being Malaysian! Stop segregating us based on race... coz honestly I dont belong to one coz I dont practice it... as corny as it seems... my ethnicity? M-A-L-A-Y-S-I-A-N

What race race all... race is what we do at tracks not skin colors. We have such a beautiful country... dont let it go to waste! 

If the country got a problem.... fix it! dont run away from it...

"If you wanna make the world  a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change" -MJ-

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