Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Learning to Chill

I've always lived a really hectic life. Juggling with so many activities, be it work, side work and personal life. but after what happened to me earlier in the month and after doing alot of reality check, I realised that I have been living in a really uptight and anxious lifestyle. But now I realised that how important and effective it is to have a really balanced life.

I realised a few things:

  1. Take no bullshit from anyone. If cannot, say cannot. No point beating around the bush for something that you know will waste your time and effort. I've learned to say no.
  2. Manage your time. I realised that planning your time properly really works. I spoken to the founder of Ventrax management,, Dr Venga Kalachulu who is also an awesome time management guru and his advice for me is... plan your time well! and he told me this, "Time is equal to life, therefore, waste your time and you will waste your life, or do you want to master your time thus master your life". And that made me think.
  3. No point being angry. The one getting hurt is you yourself! Let things take its course. If it is really important then do it yourself!
  4. Love yourself and set a time to do things you wanna do.
  5. Laugh! its free and it really helps! take life easy. Laugh a little... 
  6. Spend time with love ones. Even if it is just a mere 30 minutes! enjoy every minute of it!
  7. Just shut up! sometimes saying too much just makes things complicated. Just listen and enjoy the comedy!
  8. Make the best with what you have! 

So yea that was what I realised since I got my health scare. But so far 20 days have passed and every morning since then, when I wake up I just smile and thought to myself "Fuh luckily I am still alive! tak mati lagi! (not dead yet)"

Every path of life is filled with many obstacles, like my mom always say "Happy also the day pass, sad also the day pass, might as well be happy and appreciate life by the day!".

So live life everyday and stop worrying about tomorrow!

This is me now... LOL!


Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

Just read about your health scare. No wonder you looked like you lost a bit of weight. Yes, we always take for granted that we are healthy until the reality hits us. I had a health scare last week also. Now, trying to drink plenty of water! So chillax ok? Don't work too hard..:)

VY said...

Yes, I realized that too!!! (Of your 8 things)
But you do work-(ed) too hard the last time around...
Let's all just chill... =)

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