Monday, August 13, 2012

Oh No! How old are you again?!

Well the graph above is something I came up while observing my family, friends and associates. I have no idea why I did that but let me give you an analysis on my silly graph. Think about it, if you noticed that when you are a kid you are always constantly looking to grow up. Why? think about it, when we were in primary school, we look up to the secondary school kids thinking what they do are cool. More allowance to do what they like, independent, and most of all freedom comes gushing in. As a kid our parents tend to be more restrictive in what we do. 

Once we reach the teenage age, we started to notice... well changes to our body. Certain parts gotten bigger and certain parts more erm... furrier. And all of a suddenly that special urges appear. The insatiable urge to..... drive a car. We see our older siblings driving, going out with friends and all we are left with is public transport or our very good friend, the bicycle. Then came the the golden age, 18 years old. Suddenly that sense of freedom, no more mundane school life with its daily classes, lining up and that pathetic clothings that we call school uniform. This is the first taste of adulthood. Its the legal age to drive and going after girls and the legal age to well in the words on Sheldon of Big Bang Theory, achieve coitus! Then came the age of 21, the prime time! College student, legal age to vote and also to enter the casino. We are an adult! well almost... some are still depending on parents to pay your stuffs.

Looking at the graph, yes, it actually goes downhill from there. Going into the working world looks interesting and promising but as you go older things start to get shittier. I am sure most of us when we reach our mid 20s we started to have talks like, "hey remember back then in school when we... etc etc bla bla bla" then someone will suddenly pop that line "Dude, do you realized we that was 10 years ago?!" (well technically I was always that dude that pop the line, haha) and the sudden reality hits us. We are full fledged adults. Struggling with our jobs, lowest ranking in the company, getting shitty treatments and of course low paying salary with a shit load of payments we need to pay. Something we don't face when we were in our younger days. 

Then came the big 30! by this time we are at our lowest point. We are no longer in our youth. The big 3-0 is here! Its not exciting anymore. Work have became a daily routine but career has started to stabilize, income is not too bad, mid or junior management jobs, marriage and kids. 30s starts to be comfortable and interesting. 

Suddenly you are now reaching the big 4-0! This is where you start to think back, what the fuck did I do in my life?! Fuck I am 40 and I got nothing yet! I miss my flamboyant life... mid life crisis kicks in... spending and doing things that you have not normally do or doing things that you dreamt of but somehow it is not filling your satisfaction! You start to reflect your life, I have reached to the peak of my working life, I am able to buy and do the things that I love but one big things is in your way, or well a few things that is in your way. One of them, your eye sights are starting to go, you need to raise your glasses or lower it to read something small, coming home with a sore back or knee or shoulder after everytime you play a sport and of course the amount of pills you have to start to take! Cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, glucosamine etc etc

But by the time you reach 50 things are starting to look pleasant, your kids are able to handle themselves, your work is reaching its twilight but you are on top of the organization in rank or in experience. Retirement is around the corner, your second freedom approaches! You reach the retirement age! you are now free of the working world that you are immersed in for the last 30 years! freedom! now you can kick back and enjoy life. Go travelling, pursue your long backlogged hobby etc etc. But then you realized that you miss the working world, the daily activites and that daily banter with that young girl or guy. Then it hits you again, what if I live up to a 100 years old? I got 40 years more of doing nothing! Aiyo! how la? Some will take on some activities to fill up their daily life, some take some some consultancy job to get back into the working world, some use that to focus on their grandchild and some just sit there and wait... and wait... and wait... and wait for the time to end... but yet it is a scary wait...but who knows what is beyond my graph... does it go up again after that? well only we alone will know when the time comes! 

Interesting thought eh?

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Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

No doubt I agree with what you said. But you're scaring me la wei..hahaha.

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