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If only we have no law... well I am not saying that we go into the world of anarchy and chaos. Nah, I dont want that! but if only there is no law for certain areas. I think alot of snatch thieves and robbers would be dead by now. Rapist will be impaled and mat rempits will be road kill (not that they are not now also), child abusers will be brutally abused in return and people that does harm to animals will be treated the same in return... isnt that better?

Why do I say so? If you look at the news recently, do you realise that there are so many fucked up things happening and the culprit just walks away with just a small "slap" of fine to their hands? 

One very obvious news is this, rapist admits his wrong doing for raping a kid and gets away with it? read it here and here. On one hand we say we want to protect our kids from harm but on the other hand we let this guys go free? and to top that off "THEY FUCKING ADMIT THEIR WRONG!!!!". Repent? these are the rules that should not ever ever be forgiven. It is due to this rules that this is the third time this kind of thing happened in recent time. I am pretty sure that there are even more of these cases but not blown out to the media or press. 

So again, are the rules or laws helping us or going against us? 

Why am I saying this? Its because of the inconsistencies of the rules being applied throughout all sentences. Some cases that most people look at as light offences are given really harsh sentences. Some deserve harsh sentences are set free. Is there a consistency in making a judgement? Do they have a certain SOP? I know every case is different even though is under the same category but how far different can it be? If you rape someone, isnt that the same? moreover raping an underage person. Isnt that even worse?! 

Lets just look at other cases, like this one (click here and here). Story was, she her bag was snatched from her car as she was closing her gate and when they took her bag from her car. She got in her car and chased them and that resulting to she ramming into them killing one of the thief. She did what normal people do which a reflex to defend and take back their belonging. Snatch thief have so rampant that even the police can't do anything about it as it is very random. But when we take actions to our own hands, and shit like what happened to this women here counted as a crime itself? Is she wrong?

I am not pointing fingers at anyone particularly but just the problems arising. Our country is ranked as one of the safest country in South East Asia still baffles me. (read here) But recent times a report saying that the data given was altered? (read here and here). Is it true? from the people's stand point I kinda believe it is true. Look at it this way, crime rate have been on the rise lately. Look back 10 - 15 years ago, I still can walk around at night not really worried of being robbed or snatched. Now?! Walking in front of a quite proper shopping centres such as The Curve and 1 Utama gives you the creepers. Heck walking in the car park gives you the creepers. Every single sound that breaks the silence scares the shit out of you. You have to be on a constant lookout and worse off seeing how security guards uphold their "duty" with "integrity" and "honour" scares me even more.

Citizens have now taken things to their own hands, the first step, gated community. We see this more and more of this scene (pictured below) especially in the Klang Valley.

Photos taken from

This is because the people are just so tired of being robbed over and over again and not to mention the safety of their wives, children and belongings. Have we come to this stage? I can't remember who told me this, I think it a lecturer of mine. He said that doesn't this gated community scene reminds us of the time when our country is in the state of emergency? when the curfew was implemented.

Photos taken from 

But the story is, we are looking for security. OK thats fine! but doing it by hiring foreign workers who come here to earn money. Are you sure? Are they willing to give their lives to make sure these richer people are safe? sure or not? Look at this article, it comes with a video. This might happen to you also, coz the guard are just doing their job and that is taking care of the area that they have to. Other than that, they will say "what for? you pay me so little, you think I risk my life for you ka?". That is true! we pay them RM500 and expecting them to put their life on the line? you gotta be kidding me man.

If you are interested there is an article of a research on the implications of gated community here and how much a low paying guard will help you here.

So the question again, are the law protecting us? or do we need to protect ourselves? If we protect ourselves does the law allows that too? What are the limits when it comes to protect ourselves?

For me, just be vigilant and be very very careful when going anywhere alone. Because in reality, we cant do what we see in the movies where we go on a rampage with guns blazing killing the "bad guys" anytime anywhere Expendables style. That is because we have to abide by the RULES and REGULATION in the SAFE country of ours that is FREE from OPPRESSION and COLONISATION...

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