Saturday, September 08, 2012

Just one of those weird days... with one of those weird posts

Have you ever encountered days when you feel like you have been nagged by people around on a non stop basis?

Have you encountered days when you feel like what ever you do throughout the day doesn't seem to be working and people are just disappointed in you?

Have you come across people that constantly think that what you do is not good yet what they do doesn't help either?

Have you come across a day when you just don't want to focus on a certain issue but somehow the issue keeps on coming up in front of you?

Well... that is happening to me recently. All in one go. Sometimes you feel like you are running so hard but you just cant reach your destination. Sometimes you just think, why is this happening? What is wrong with me? Why I just cant get things right today?

Positive mindset? perhaps that helps.

Have a good rest? perhaps that is what I need.

Have a good loving hug? definitely!

The last thing you need right now is somehow close to you blowing up in front of you and not understanding your situation. Thinking that you are being lazy or inconsiderate or just forgetful.

Everything you do that day is wrong and people around you that you care about just nag and nag and nag... and they seem to be irritated with what ever you do...

Doesn't one of those days really irritates you?

Sometimes you just suck it up and continue your journey. Sometimes the people nagging you dont even know that they are the ones that is the source of this. Sounds familiar? definitely!

But sometimes to avoid the situation getting shitty, its best to shut up! bite the bullet and move on...

Some people say, let it go bro! things will get better...

Well, I know it will, but at the time being, its just as irritating as having a very bad constipation where your stomach is aching and yet you cant shit! but once that shit is out.... its all well

This post sounds like I am angry with someone but...

I am not angry with anyone but I am angry with myself...

what a weird day!

sounds familiar? 


Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

uh oh. poor thing. hopefully all will be well. Cheer up! Bear hugs!

Merryn said...

eh jangan lah use that lion pic. macam u talking about me and william like dat. LoL! *me makan cili me rasa pedas*

koRnholio said...

haaaaahahhahaha sori sori!

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