Friday, September 07, 2012


Its been quite a while since I wrote something patriotic. The last one came in March this year. (you can read it here). Well last week we celebrated our country's independence day or better known for locals MERDEKA! and with Hari Malaysia around the corner, if you dont know, Hari Malaysia is where our country is formed, from Malaya to Malaysia and welcoming our new family members of Sabah and Sarawak. I have noticed that Malaysians are getting angrier yet confused about being Malaysian compared to last year. 

Besides the political bantering between the opposition and the ruling government, I dont see why we as Malaysians can't be Malaysians. Suddenly because of politics we have now lost the passion and the patriotism? I hear people go like "This country is shits", "Fuck it la, might as well migrate". The country is fine my friends. Don't let politics make you not Malaysians. We as the people have the rights to choose and vote. In my previous article "We are Malaysia" I have stated that most of us that were born and bred here in Malaysia, have fully integrated the Malaysian mentality. You can never see other people from other nations sit and eat drink and speak the same lingo and food and laugh at the same thing. 

I have spoken to a wonderful writer last week. Her name is Ninotaziz (you can read her blog here), she wrote a book called Hikayat - from the ancient malay kingdoms. Talking to her she said that we as Malaysians should be so proud of our diverse culture and races. That is true, the government keep on saying that the diversity in our culture has to be cherished and it is said as if it is a current thing but according to Ninot, diversity begins way back in our countries ancient history. The days of Merong Mahawangsa, Parameswara and so on. Its the diversity and unity of our nation that makes us so unique and strong. Our cultures have been integrated so much that non of our culture are purely from our so called origin. Its a Malaya or Malaysia thing. 

Did you know that a lot of things practised by different religion or races in our country is not really practised other place or not practised anymore? Some of our culture have been integrated so much that its a Malaysian thing. I have just been to my friends Indian wedding and guess what I saw? A Chinese "Yum Seng" session. Hari Raya aidilfitri's duit raya or "green pow" or Deepavali's "purple pows" is very similar to Chinese New year "Ang pows". During my recent Chinese new year, my uncle prepared Nasi Kandar for us for our reunion meal. Malays speaking mandarin, chinese speaking tamil, indian speaking hokkien and everyone speaks Bahasa Malaysia. Not intergrated? 

Lets put aside our differences to celebrate our differences! got it? Its like forming a really good alloy metal. Different materials mixed together to create a strong bond and strong and lasting metal.

Like I mentioned in my previous blog, let me mention it again, race is something we do on tracks and not skin colours. If the country got a problem FIX IT and not RUN AWAY FROM IT!



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