Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Have you come to a stage in your life where whatever you do just doesn't satisfy yourself and worst of all after doing it you still feel frustrated?

It is just like the joy of doing the things you do has died off. Lately I have been like that. Things are going well but I am just not satisfied. Its like as if what ever I do is not enough or not good enough. I do not know why is this happening. I know it is a very unhealthy situation for me to be in but I just cant find that solution to it.

I have this bad habit of trying to solve everything and trying to help everyone. Something that was my elixir has became my poison. The thing that made me happy is now the thing that make me frustrated. Perhaps I am just not a good king where I cant inspire my people to do follow my dream and instead my castle is now crumbling. 

At times I rather be a commoner and just live a happy and simple life and not worry about anything.... maybe this might lower my urge to do something bigger than myself and get disappointed and unsatisfied.

Perhaps I will look back 5-10 years from now and laugh at myself writing this article like how I laugh at what I wrote 7 years ago. Life changes and sometimes I guess you have to just cut loose some dead bags or dead weight that is pulling you down... and move on with my life... 

Hey... I actually found my solution!!


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