Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Reading and reading

Understanding the human psyche is something that I am very interested ever since I was a kid. Come to think about it I am interested in so many things! But come to think about it, it somehow relates to everything that I enjoy doing then and now. 

I love creative and strategic thinking stuffs but one area that I was and still very fond is to read people. Not that I wanted to be a freaking stalker or what so but it is very interesting to see what people will do in order to get things their way or get out of things. 

This interest started when I was very young. My mom would always share with me like how kids would react to certain gestures or situation and we need to read the kids behaviour to know why they are doing so and so. You know... maternal instinct stuffs, like the saying, mom knows best. This happens when my mom was taking care of my cousins or my nephews and she will tell me that they will do certain things and how they would turn up when they gotten older. And as the years goes by, I was just quietly noticing and learning how to read the little ones that my mom said and true enough, their characters were exactly like my mom told. My mom also shared with my how I would react to certain things and at times I use myself as a test subject too. Yes... I try to notice my own reactions. Try to look from the outside. It helps, self reflection...

Throughout that time I manage to learn a trick or two on how to read people's characters and plus my amateurish skills gained from reading articles and books about the human behaviour and also not to mention a fair share of documentaries, it makes me delve slightly a little bit more into this. This became rather helpful when I do my drawing, animation and also branding. 

The funny thing is that if you sit long enough and notice a person, you can actually read them! Body language, voice intonations, hand gestures and also facial expressions. Again I am no profiler but its fun to sharpen this skill. I am not a talker or a social person but I rather listen and solve peoples problem and this skill sometimes comes in handy. 

The one funny thing that I learnt from a friend of mine is the art of reading people when they are lying. I was experimenting this with lots of people, especially when I have already know the real stories about certain issues and I deliberately act as if I don't know and sure enough the signs of lying or exaggeration that was told by my friend was spot on. 

Understanding these tricks will not only help you in preparing the first step but also help you to prepare for the worse... you know... the just in case situation...

But again... I am still an amateur so I still get it wrong time after time... In time to come I might even want to take a course about the human psyche!

Well my studies on the human psyche goes on...

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Merryn said...

I'm not very good in detecting lies neither... hence i can't play poker :)

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