Tuesday, December 18, 2012


There have been so many speculations that the world will end in like 4 days time. But do you believe it? Come 21 December 2012 we shall see. I have seen alot of this nonsensical stuffs being said but there are no exact proof that the world will end, take this article here for example, it states that Mayans did not predict the end of the world. Just end of the calendar! 

Well there are many other possibilities too what if....

Or was it merely a countdown to the start of middle earth??

Or was it just that they.... ran out of rock?

But what if the end of world is real? What can we do? Like I said, there are many possibilities.

Will our world end like this?
 Where we will just literally die... quick and easy?

Or will what ever shown in Hollywood comes to life?

Will we enter the time when we have to walk around scavenging for food like The Town? and end up being a cannibal?

Or suddenly there is a Zombie outbreak?

Or will the machines rise?

 and make us into batteries?

Or just crush us and kill us?

Who knows eh?

Lots of religion have predicted that there will be an end, the Apocalypse, Kiamat, Judgement Day etc... but is it true?

I dont think so. I am one of those sceptic. The world wont end. Just like the Y2K bug. Lots were saying that nuclear plants will shut down, machines go haywire, and we humans will be moved back to primitive age... but here I am typing my article with my PC. Instead of fallout, we saw the technology boom. 

So will we be seeing a boom in terms of the advancement of mankind? Are we moving into the next era? 

Like when Sauron is defeated? 

Or when Rome fell?

Well, the time is near... just 4 days to go to find out.

Question is, are you ready to take on the end of the world?

Good to be prepared...

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