Monday, April 08, 2013

the Lull

Its been a while since I blogged. Well like I always mention, I blog when I am angry. I blog only when I got something to say. Well today I got something to say.

Its annoying that sometimes people take you for granted. Its annoying that you have a good heart and try to help a person but only to be used and thrown around like a toy. Its annoying when no one try to understand what you are going through. When in return you tried so hard to help the person when they are in need.

The past few months I have gone through lots of good and bad times. In those good times, you wont see it and feel it. Its all fun and games... but when you are going through the bad times... you see the true colours of the people around you.

Sometimes I wonder do I really have to be the bastard and the asshole to get things done. Some people jumped into a conclusion or assume that something that is not even real. I got one question... "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO ASSUME AND JUDGE ME?!"

It is always about protecting themselves.

Recently I have spoken to a old man, and he told me one thing. "Sometimes you have to do what you love doing or what you want to do only you will be successful". Wise words... but please define successful.

In recent times, to be successful is all summed up in material form. Money, car, house and the list goes on. What have we became?

Its sad to see most people have forgo the simple things in life that makes us humans and instead the search for richness, wealth and personal gain. In exchange, they forgo their friends, family and their values. Some to the extend that they dont even know what they are doing anymore.

But this is the fact of life. Its either you ride the wave or you get hit by it and drown.

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ninotaziz said...

No, Jun Sern. Material success is not everything. There are some of us who are driven by passion.

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