Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My Twilight Zone

I actually lost track of time recently. I recall clearly that I have wrote an article recently talking about my last decade that changed my life and I clearly remember writing it like 1 to 2 months ago and then I came in here and I checked the date, HOLY SHIEAT! it was last June! That is like 10 months ago! Almost a year ago! Oh my how time flies! I still remember telling myself while writing that article, that I will start writing actively again, hence the great number of article that month (2).  

the people of BR24
Since that article, I have moved on from my previous job at Bernama Radio24 and thanks to Facebook memories, I just realized that I have manage to answer myself in an article I wrote few years ago here entitled "Passion vs the world". Yes, I guess the "world" managed to win. I have moved on to a job that pays more and serves my current needs. Leaving the job that you love is never easy, especially a job that you dream of doing ever since a kid. But the world wins and I need to pay the bills. So I have to look at the second thing that I have passion on, branding. Like I said again, it pays the bills and life goes on.   

Besides that, one thing that I am really glad is that I managed to hold on to my passion, well at least a little bit as I managed to get a part-time gig at an online radio to do what I love most and that is radio broadcasting.. It doesn't pay monetarily and it not a daily thing but it pays passion-ly (if that is even a word!) and emotionally. I feel very happy producing or running a radio show, I don't know why. Maybe it is something that I hold very close and dear to my heart ever since I was a kid. Somehow I just feel happy doing it, even if it was for free! of course if there is a proper salary would be even better! Who wouldn't want to do their dream job and get paid for it? 

Now after a while, that little ember of a question started flickering back on... passion vs the world, who should I choose? I have now chosen the world, should I go back to passion or is there a new question on board? or should I find the world that has the same passion as I do? or should I create or change my current situation to what I want? I guess time and/or maybe my stupid-temperamental-sub-conscious-acting-hastily-and-not-thinking-straight will tell. Who knows what the future holds... perhaps I shall come back here and read after a long time again and laugh at my silly past or agree with him... who knows? 

Anyway, I'm out...

"Prepare for the unknown by studying how others in the past have coped with the unforeseeable and the unpredictable." -George S. Patton

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