Wednesday, November 08, 2006


A relationship after one month.... well 3 weeks 2 days and 19 hrs... The feeling that the bond is getting really close. Although there are times of mistakes but a relationships is all about trials and errors... forgive and forget.. of course the errors are small ones. This is such a wonderful feeling. before this there has always been the feeling of emptiness and lonesome. There is no target or focus. Even there is a target or focus, they are dead or just stationary such as items or goals. But when it comes to a relationship the target and focus has been added with colors and life. It gives a new meaning of achieving your goals. It gives you even more incentive and purpose. It motivates you further more. Allowing you to reach a level you never thought tat u can reach before this. For some who dont understand this... well you can take religion as an example. Why pray? so that your mind will be focused... you have one aim and one focus... In a relationship is the same... it helps you focus, just tat this one talks back! hehe. and it is not written in the books. It is more of affection and love that gives you that special strength to move that extra mile... reach the unreachable... think the unthinkable and do the impossible...

Why? in my article BEEP i have explained all the special elements that makes this feat happens. It makes you wan to protect something that is so dear to you and not hurt it. Tat is the thing that makes you achieve the unachievable. And that my friends... is a wonderful feeling

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