Friday, December 18, 2009


Finally a proper silverware for the Malaysian team!!! More like Goldware!!! our 20 year wait is finally over! Malaysia overcame all the odds to go on from non win credentials to winners of the SEA Games! I was in office with my colleagues watching it in the news room... ahhaha almost disrupt the studio which is on air.... wait... the radio was also airing it live! hehehe So lets hope that this will be the catalyst for better days to come for our local football! Cmon support support!!! as i said in my earlier post Malaysian football is not dead...yet! it s indeed!!! we are awaken... let the world hear the roar of the the Tigers of Malaya!!!

Then again...I just dont understand some people... condemning and condemning but never even watch the match or even follow local football... thats what I hate about this ignorant fucks! FUCK OFF!!!!!! hehe. My colleague can even ask me... "not being racist ya, but I actually kinda surprise a local chinese following football..." I told her that " I am a Malaysian... of course i follow..." hehe... never like to be branded by race anyway...


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nesca said...

nyahaha menang! even though the first half suspense gila kena pressure T_T

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