Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Ever wonder what happens to earth when hell won between the battle of heaven and hell? This is it. Damn la... so many new games and recently I wanted to get a new pc... this game make me think twice... now should i actually save money for a PC or PS3?!!

Ok back to the game. This is a game when the apocalypse actually happened and during the gameplay we are to play as War, one of the four horseman. Dont know what the heck is the four horsemen? well then.... read here.

doesnt this sword looks like Frostmourne in Warcraft?? hmmm

The earth is destroyed and you are the only one that can restore the balance! Fuhlamak! this is damn cool... you get to whack both demons and angels... well almost the same as Constantine... hunted by heaven and hated by hell...

Well the game looks good... and if you noticed... now most game's trailer looks very much like a movie.... cool...

ch..ch..check out the trailers...

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