Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Finally I played the game. I remember writing how much I wanted to play this a year ago here. Now finally finally i played it! As of now I have not finish the game yet but so far I am stuck to it!

I have to say the game is freaking awesome! The gameplay is not that hard as the fight scene is basically hack and slash all the way. The normal minions are easy to kill only the hard part is to figure out how to kill the boss. There are many tactics to kill each bosses but I am not gonna reveal it here! Dont want to spoil the fun of your gameplay!

The storyline is awesome as it keeps you engaged all the way. The graphics is awesome even though my pc is not exactly top specs but its all good. It is also easy to move around and not like Final Fantasy where you can easily get lost! The indicators and the map is clear. The command flow is also very clear and easily understandable!

There is also this special kill icon which let you kill the enemy in a rather gory yet cool slow mo way! see the game play video below to get what I mean!

The down side of it is that I need to adjust my mouse sensitivity to low as once I move my mouse abit it moves around too much. When too many enemy comes to you, there is a focus button but it is not user friendly coz basically how do you focus on one when so many are there! When carrying one item it is hard to target and throw at enemy... or maybe I still have not got the skills yet! hehe

That is so far the down side. Back to the up side... the soundtrack is awesome too. It adds to the grandeur of the whole gameplay.

All in all I find it really interesting playing this game! and now I heard they are planning to make part 2 somewhere in 2013. Now lemme finish up this one first...

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